Second chemo done!

Hi ladies, two am, no sleep, damned steroids! Anyway, it was an interesting day yesterday at the oncology clinic. Doctor told me the white cell count had gone too low last time, so he was reducing my dose of chemo a bit ( no argument from me). The blood had recovered okay. The good news was that my liver was functioning better ( yes, the rotten triple negative cancer has leaked out and found new little places to dwell) . So, maybe my self prescribed organic rosemary oil, turmeric, vitamin D and positive thinking has helped the chemo do its job! Maybe my home made cannabis oil helped too! So as I wait for the side effects to kick in this time, I'm already looking forward to knowing I'll be back on the golf course by the end of next week. Manifesting visions of the doc telling me it's all gone by New Year. He looks surprised. I just smile knowingly. Love and good things to you all. Keep smiling. It's infectious. 😘😘❀️️❀️

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  • That is the Spirit Missis πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ 😘😘

  • Well done you, enjoy your game of golf next week x

  • Hi Jac

    Glad 2nd Chemo's done, I couldn't sleep either because of the additional steroids (l was already on Prednisolone) so I was high as a kite!

    So, moved wonderful husband into guest room for 3/4 nights each cycle so I could keep the light on, read, iMessaged friends across the world 🌎 yo for time difference, l'd write my blog, email & do some online shopping, then settle down about 4am so much better than lying in bed tossing n turning & worrying!

    Hope the side effects aren't too bad & you're back on the Golf Course this time next week!

    Take Care πŸ’

  • Thanks for that, yes, I did some of that stuff, luckily my husband sleeps through anything. I don't lie awake worrying this time, like I did three weeks ago. Time changes ones perspective and we get on with it don't we? No more steroids after today, so things should start improving. ❀️

  • It's amazing how quickly we adapt to things & find a better way to deal the next time around!

    Take Care πŸ’

  • Great attitude. Keep it up and I'm no time at all your chemo will be finished. Hope the sleeping improves xx

  • Thanks. I'm not feeling anything like as bad, so far, as last time. Afternoon naps are great catch-ups. 🌺

  • Silly point perhaps, but I was over half way through my chemo sessions when I mentioned to the Oncology Nurses about the steroids keeping me awake and only then was I told to take the steroids early in the day to allow my body to adjust before bedtime. I had such an array of drugs to take at different intervals like once, twice, or four times a day. My policy with standard drugs in the past had always been to take them at regular times throughout the day i.e. evenly spaced out. It seemed most odd to then be told to take the steroids (marked as "take twice a day") in the morning and again at lunchtime! I had been taking them with breakfast and then with my evening meal, about 12 hours apart. With so many drugs to take I admit to not knowing what some of them were actually for in the early stages of treatment before I got to grips with their names, dosage and predicted objective. Hope you get better results as time goes on! Take care. x

  • Thanks for your input, it's quite interesting. The oncology nurse told me to take the second one before four pm for sleep reasons, but there was confusion about dosage. The nurse had me on double what the doctor meant to prescribe! Ho hum. Anyway, I'm feeling okay so that's the main thing. So far.


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