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chemo then surgery


Hello I have been diagnosed with stage 3 invasive ductal carcinoma and have had one session of chemo and due to have second chemo on the 2nd of december, i was sick for two days after chemo but now feel better just tired and very teary, going to hypnotherapy tomorrow to see if that helps my emotions. I am due to have some sort of operation after the chemo.

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Hi. Hope you get better soon. How come you decided to chemo then surgery and not vice versa ?

I think I just went along with what the doctor said I didn't really think I had a choice

You must still be in shock! I whizzed through surgery and treatment (took over 9 months from diagnosis to end) but I always seemed to be busy and focussed on the next treatment session. I then found that I became an emotional wreck at the end when regular treatment stopped so I needed to go to my local Haven centre for help. My GP had already put me on low dosage anti-depressants because I just couldn't stop crying. Part of my treatment there was a couple of sessions of hypnotherapy. The therapist stated in the initial session that, in his opinion, I was not clinically depressed but just suffering from PTSD. We worked through issues of my breast cancer treatment and after a few weeks I was able to stop taking the anti-depressants. I began to feel normal again and hence began my 'real' recovery.

That's good that you are recovering, I'm hoping my hypnotherapy today will help me deal with it all. Thanks

I had the same diagnosed end of match had chemo then mastectomy and node clearance 7 weeks ago and start radiotherapy on Monday they said stage 3 but after surgery changes to stage 2 . I had to have buscopan added and gaviscon before each cheno and for a week post chemo and my stomach was then fine . I ate very healthily and then also stopped all alcohol . Sugars and took vitamin D and foods for inflammation like advocado berries and banana and apple each day in a smoothie and beetroot . Take care and count down the cheno the surgery is ok just remain positive and do mindfulness and get support . Take care maggie

thanks for getting in touch, I'm also taking vitamin D and trying to eat healthy, no alcohol and I've stopped drinking coffee just trying to drink water, my hair is starting to fall out but i feel ok bit nervous for the 2nd chemo but hopefully it will be ok and i won't be as sick.

Hi,I have had 8 lots of chemo and had a lumpectomy operation 2 weeks ago with lymph node biopsy to check for cancer in them.I was terribly ill throughout my chemotherapy for 2 out of the 3 weeks in betweenew treatment.If you are sick or nausea make a fuss and get some medication for it,there are various ones to try,don't suffer in silence you can get help with some of the side effects.Your mind and emotions will be all over the place but just remember why you're having the dreaded chemo,it will be worth it.You will come through it,I had the results of biopsy from my operation yesterday and there is no cancer anymore so that awful chemotherapy did it's job brilliantly , it's such a relief when you get that news, believe me it makes it all worth it.Stay strong and ask for help.Luv and best wishes , vicky.x

Hi Vicky thanks for that, I don't feel that bad with chemo now but as you said the mind is not too good, I am trying to be positive and its nice to hear from people who have been through it and come out the other side it does give me hope i just have to believe it thats all, thanks,x

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