Well that didn't go to plan!

Hi All. I was due to have my 3rd Chemo yesterday , bloods good, Emend tablet taken, canula and saline drip in and ready to rock and roll. Suddenly felt very hot and fainted next thing I know I am looking up at about 6 concerned faces. Anyway long story short after ecg and other obs they decided I should delay chemo for a week. I know it's the right decision , as last night I felt quite rough as if I had had the chemo , but I am gutted. what's more annoying is that I feel great this morning 😐. So was hoping to post 3 down 3 to go today but that will have to wait till next week. These blips happen , usually I believe for a reason and on the bright side I have a week to do stuff whilst I feel good . Hope you have a good week too Kaz xx

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  • Ah Kazzerp, that is a bit of a bummer, but as you rightly said, it hapopened for a reason. now make the most of this week while you are strong, mind you, don't totally exert yourself, you want to be strongnfor next chemo too. big positive vibes and hugs winging their way to you. Lainey 🤗🤗🤗❤❤

  • Hope things go to plan next time. I was so keen to keep my chemo on schedule that I limped into hospital on crutches, following a knee injury, to ensure I got chemo on time. Once there, the blasted knee was found to be infected so it took the medics a while to decide if chemo should go ahead, or be delayed. Luckily for me, they provided antibiotics and kept me on schedule. I was so anxious and determined so I know what a blow any delay can mean. Obviously, your body knows best so enjoy the extra "good" week between treatments and hope that your next one goes to plan. Take care. X

  • That happened me before my first chemo . my wound was not healed to the point where my surgeon would clear me to start chemo so it was delayed 2 weeks. probably the right decision but affected me mentally as the finish date spread into the next year and I had in my head that I would be done and dusted by Christmas .. but before I kew it I was finished and getting on with getting my life back together . you will too. 3 to go is nothing. enjoy your week off and see spoil yourself a wee bit. xxxx

  • Similar thing happened to me between chemos, was too unwell one week to have it so was delayed a week and i felt really annoyed as you psyche yourself up for it and also this meant i was then adding another week onto treatment. In the grand scheme of it all, it really doesn't matter. As you feel so well, use it to your advantage and go do something that you definitely would not have been able to had you had the chemo. Take care.

  • Wjhat a nightmare for you as you do get yourself pshyched

  • I was trying to adjust spelling on my last reply and it went by mistake. What a nightmare for you as you get yourself psyched up for it. But better safe than sorry. Make the most of your week but don't do you much.

    I had to have a week in hospital when my bloods were low so,at least you are at home. Hope all is well next week xx

  • Frustrating to say the least. We just want it over with don't we? Anyway, as you say a week feeling okay! Bonus. Enjoy your respite. 🌺

  • Hope you are feeling better, and the rest if your chemo passes incident free x

  • Its an awful feeling had foliculitis on my head, chemo put off for a week put on a double antibiotic had chemo a weekafter i think we physce ourselves so much i feel yourpain. Enjoy your few days onwards and upwards💗

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