Another curve ball!

Hi ladies,

Just to say that today, after first chemo on Monday I found out that the triple negative cancer has already spread to my liver. Treatment will carry on as prescribed apparently with an assessment after another CT scan. So, now not 'cure' but management. Not the best day. On the good side, day three of Chemo and feeling okay physically. Just a very dry mouth and no taste. I hope you've all had a much better few days anyway. 🌺❤️

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  • So sorry to read of your news, all I can do is send loads of love and hugs and stay strong wishes xxxxxxxx

  • Hi Jac. really sorry to your news. Nothing I say will make any difference but hope you know you are being sent many positive wishes and virtual hugs. don't know if it will help in any way but look up Sarah's Story My fight against breast cancer on face book . She's also written a book about her TNBC. keep your chin up . Kaz x

  • Thanks I will.

  • I couldn't find Sarah's story is there a link maybe?

  • Oh I will have a look x

  • Thanks. She's a lovely lively lady for sure.

  • we're all behind you Jacbowden. sorry to hear that you had more bad news, but on the plus side they are managing it, treating it, and monitering you all the time now, and there are many new theories on the triple neg front at the moment. it sounds like new and effective treatments are on the horizon. you keep doing what you're doing and stay strong. xxx

  • Thanks for your encouragement Gracie

  • All I can send you is lots Of love hugs & kisses and sorry about your news xxxxx

  • Hi Jac, so sorry to read this, there's not much I can do or say, but I'm most certainly sending lots of virtual hugs


  • Hi Jacbowden. I am so sorry to hear your news. I am awaiting results of a brain scan. Oh the joys!!! I too have TNBC. I had nearly 10 months of chemo then 25 sessions of radiotherapy along with the double mastectomy. They are keeping a close eye on the liver as the LFTs in my blood tests are reading as high. So far so good! My treatment ended in June but I have been seen a few times in clinic since and had a bone scan, CT scan and brain scan. we are constantly walking on egg shells waiting for this cancer to show elsewhere. I have residual cancer cells but thankfully they have not developed into tumors. I hope that they maintain your cancer and that your liver does regenerate itself. Take care and feel free to messge me - even if it is to moan and rant. Lainey xx

  • You've gone through so much. And been so strong it seems. Oh my goodness. My heart goes out to you and all the people suffering with this. Not sure where my strength will come from. 🌺❤️❤️️

  • Jacbowden, you honestly will find the strength. It will come to you through your outlook, through your need to be you and not letting this cancer define who you are. It will come from your family and friends and also from your new pals on here. I have always been so active, fastidious about my work and have pushed others who worked with me to be the same. I found drive, and seeked perfection working under pressure. I worked on the premise that everything had to be done correctly or not at all. I worked hard and demanded those who worked alongside me to do the same. I played equally hard, loved being the joker of the pack and partied hard, I would match the men pint for pint. This was all up until 2nd Oct 2015 when I was diagnosed. I was 18 days away from my 49th Birthday. This past year I have found that firstly nobody is indespensable - work has carried on without me, everything is still standing and running smoothly. It was hard to step away but I had to for me. My partying pals dropped by the wayside, as though my cancer would spoil their socialising only those who turned out to be true friends remained and they can be counted on one hand. This shocked and hurt me at the time. I stepped back and during my stronger days during chemo took stock. I could let this cancer get me down or I could use this cancer to make me stronger. Find the real me. I love reading so I relaxed and read more. I took to blogging and enjoyed it. I decided to try my hand at arts and crafts and now enjoy painting (I had never painted landscapes etc before) I write (for me) it helps get rid of frustrations and fears. I am calmer, eat and drink healthier, I walk and only a couple of weeks ago donned a swimming costume for the first time since my mastectomy and took to the pool. I am calmer, have inner peace, enjoy and appreciate being alive and actually like and prefer the quieter more peaceful person that I have become. I firmly believe that had I carried on partying and working the way I was then either a heart attack or alcohol poisoning would have killed me and not the cancer. Dont get me wrong, the wild me hasn't gone totally, I had a new tattoo this last October - I have a few. I am going shopping for a couple of Rockerbilly dresses today and having them altered to fit a flat chest (I have chosen to live a flat life). I am planning and designing my mastectomy tattoos and I am still occassionally outspoken and brash. I am enjoying life. This year I was 50. I didn't party as I had planned or as peoole expected me to. I went to a spa, I climbed a small mountain, I drove along the wild Atlantic way (The west coast of Ireland) It was wonderful. I am a proud Mum and Wife and from all the above I have gained strength and found my 'happy place'. If you can, try doing something similar, distract yourself from thinking about the cancer. when tired and fatigue sets in sleep. When you have energy get out and do the things you want to do and also explore new activities too. Remember too that you have support from here too. The ladies on here have helped me through their listening and sharing. Dear God I have rambled on, lost the run of myself so I have. I apologise. You take care I hope sharing my experience is a help to you. Lainey xxx❤❤❤

  • Lainey, what a lovely message to share, so honest and full of love and life. Where do you live?

    Emily x

  • Hi Emily. I live in wicklow Ireland xxxx thank you 😀

  • There was me going to suggest a meet up, I'm in Berkshire! Bugger! Xx

  • Ah Bugger that would have been lovely. you never know though, I could take on the notion of going for an adventure 😂😂

  • Such a lovely message to read Lainey. I very rarely come on this site but something made me look today, no idea what but finding your message was a blessing. It's good to hear you are in a good place. Sending much love to you xx

  • Lainey, that was wonderfully written. Heartfelt and full of wisdom. I will get my head around my new situation. It was a hard one to learn on first day of chemo. I'm going to look for some peace, like you I've always been a bit too driven. Thanks for taking the time to talk to me that way. 🌺

  • You are more than welcome. Here if you ever need a rant xxx❤❤

  • Thank you. ❤️️😘

  • Sooo sorry to hear your news,hugs,kisses,and lots of

  • Ah, you poor must be suffering and I send you loads of love and hugs. My Polish builder's mother had triple negative which was everywhere and now 3 years later after treatment she still has it but it is not progressing or causing her any problems. The tumours have shrunk massively and she feels well. My builder is over the moon as he thought he was going to lose her. She had conventional treatment only. Don't give up! There are very advanced and targetted treatments out there now and it sounds like you are receiving the best possible care. xxxxx

  • Love that story. Thanks so much for sharing. 🌺

  • Dear Jac

    What awful news, my heart goes out to you. Sending you virtual hugs & good wishes to find your inner strength to deal with this news. Thinking of You 💕💐💕

  • Oh Jac that stinks, poor you! But we all know all you can do is get on with it, scream, shout and eat whatever you feel like, life can just be completely rotten at times.

    I've just had my ovaries removed but it was more complicated as they were stuck to other organs and I ended up staying in hospital and they had to leave some of my left ovary behind. Pretty tender today and going to accept a lazy day in bed.

    Sending you big hugs xx

  • Oh, I hope you soon feel much better. 😘

  • So sorry to hear your news jacbowden. I dread the day when they tell me it he spread to my liver or elsewhere. So far mine seems to be restricted to the lymph nodes around my shoulder area. Every CT scan I have, I am a nervous wreck a few days before I am due to get the results. BUT there are amazing treatments out there to keep us going. My best wishes to you and big hugs x

  • So sorry to read this news. Sending love and best wishes xxx

  • Not a lot to say. What awful news to bear and share. Big hugs! Xxxxxxx

  • So sorry to hear that- I am new to this site and so humbled by you all and the strength and care we women have for each other. I am cancer free at the moment but struggling with reconstruction and counting my many blessings as I read your posts. Sending warm wishes to you

  • Oh Jac - that is so pants - sending you loads of love, hugs and positive thoughts. Keep strong - Louise 😘💕xx

  • So sorry to hear your news, but be sure that we are all thinking of you x x x

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