Been a while

Been a while

Hi all,

It's been a while since I've been on here, and I hope everyone is doing well on their treatments or are recovering well for those of us luck enough to be on the other side.!!

I wanted to post a pic of my's started coming back through properly at beginning of Sept and I think it's a pretty good amount of growth.!! I've been using Watermans Grow Me shampoo (bought off amazon) and I love it.!!!

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  • Wow, you look amazing, has all your treatment finished, I wish you continued good health x

  • Thank you, yes my treatment is over apart from some corrective and possibly risk reducing surgery next year.! I had my last treatment on the 18th July and it's been onwards and upwards since.!

    Hope you are keeping well Jennymary xx

  • How long after your treatment stopped did your hair show an improvement? You look fabulous ! Congratulations on finishing treatments. 🌺

  • Thank you, I had my last treatment on the 18th July and it started to come through properly at end of August.!


  • Hi my chemo finished in August and although. I didn't lose my hair it's growing wildly have my first hair cut post chemo today and a natural plant hair colour I bought in health food shop so excited . I had tattoos for radiotherapy done yesterday and portacath out as only need herceptin now so feeling on top of the world a 6 month journey of treatment and just last phase left . Lovely photo will post mine post hair cut xx

  • Looking great Sandy. I had brain scan and torso CT scan yesterday so fingers crossed all is clear. bone scan was clear 3 weeks ago. my hair is also returning but as baby hair so hairdresser shaved is very short to help it thicken up. All is generally weel here. continue to make a great recovery. Lainey xx

  • Thank you Lainey, good news on your bone scan and fingers, toes, legs and arms crossed for clear results on your brain and torso ct scan.!!

    I am also taking biotin tablets to help with thickening and strengthening my hair and seems to be working, my nails are stronger too as they got quite week during treatment.!!


  • I don't know what you're hair was like before but you look stunning now !

  • Ooh,I'm dead jealous of your hair and eyebrows,well done sandy you look so well!I currently have horrible fuzzy hair round sides but very thin on top,no eyebrows and 3 solitary eyelashes on my left eye,I am so fed up,finished chemo 4 weeks ago ,still feel rubbish, and have operation to look forward to next week.I can't wait to feel normal again.You look fabulous though,gives us all a lift to see somebody come through looking so well.Good luck with the rest of your treatmental. Luv Vicky.x

  • Thank you, I hope your op goes well next week.!

    I was still feeling pretty fed 4wks after last treatment it really was about 8wks later I started to feel much better, so it will happen 😊

    My eyebrows though are a result of make up though, Benefit's fab, it's a wax and powder combination


  • My hair very slowly returning but it's pure white,

    Boo hoo,l am 76 and never had white hair, it is just not me, don't want to colour again so will need to get used to my new look,anoyher thing to get used to.

  • You look

  • Hey Sandy, You look fab !!

    I have my 6th chemo cycle tom before surgery. Finallyyyyy long awaited last one hopefully . Fingers crossed. My eyebrows have started thinning a bit , Need to shop for a good brow pencil now.

    Is the hair texture same as before ?

    Wish you good health . xxx

  • Thank you, it seems thicker than before which I don't mind.!

    My eyebrows are courtesy of Benefit Brow Zings, it's a wax and powder combination but its fab, I never really bothered with my eyebrows before.!!

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow and I hope your surgery goes well xx

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