Drug side effects?

Hi, my name is Carol. I've got hypothyroidism, hiatus hernia, breast cancer and terrible aching bones, joints and muscles. Not sure if my medications (thyroxine, letrazole) are causing the aching. Been on thyroxine for many years and was diagnosed with breast cancer one year ago. I had a dexa scan at that point and was prescribed calcium D3, fultium and alendronic acid (which I stopped after a month when I read up on it). Any advice would be welcome

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  • Same here, l am on thyroxine and letrozole, read letrozole depletes the calcium in your bones, so you need calcium injections, but my bone density scan was ok,have an app' with breast care nurse next week,hope to try a different drug, do you take the 2 pills together? I was told to take them 2 hours inbetween.!!!

  • I take my thyroxine at 7.30 my B6 and B12 at 10. calcium D3 at 12, fultium D3 and K2 at 2, more calcium D3 at 4, letrazole at 7 and magnesium at 9.30!

  • I am on Calcium too as I have been prescribed anastrazole (excuse the spelling) which weakens the bones. I (touch wood) am not experiencing too many unpleasant side effects other than the general tirednes, dry mouth and a slightly increased joint ache. So far so good ... lets hope it continues 😀

  • I've had joint, muscle and bone pain, double vision and dry eye syndrome from within a few months of starting letrazole. Had to stop wearing my contact lenses and now have a prism in my glasses, they're still trying to get the strength right. 😝

  • Sorry I can't advise, just sympathise. Sounds like too many issues for one lady to cope with. I hope so much that things improve for you Carol. 🌺😘❤️

  • Unfortunately, the pain in the bones are considered as side effects if one takes either letrazole or anastrazole. Please ask your oncologist as he for sure will suggest to you to take instead Tamoxifen .

  • I have a hospital appointment on Wednesday so will ask what my options are.

  • Talking about bones and aches and pains... I went over in my ankle and broke two bones in my ankle in two places...pins plates the lot no weight bearing for 6wks... been on tamoxafin for 2yrs...

  • I have been on letrozole for 6 years .after a double mastectomy and all the treatment that follows 🙄😳🙄. I take calcium in tablet form ..2 a day .. And yes I suffer from a lot of the side effects , but as for all the aching I think it gets easier .. I go to the gym 2 weekly , do tai chi once a week and now ballroom dancing lessons .. I think exercise , even a little has really helped me .

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