Hi everyone, just wanted to post where I am on this unplanned journey!

Had my lumpectomy and two sentinel nodes removed. The relief was overwhelming when my consultant told me that they had removed the tumour and had a clear sample, also no sign in my lymph nodes - it was the first time I have cried at any of my appointments. Everything is healing nicely and I'm just waiting for my appointments to come through for the start of my radiotherapy.

I met my cousin for coffee this week, she is two years down the road from me and we were comparing notes - she said she felt like her scars were like medals which she wears with pride and that we can fight this disease and be a survivor. Felt inspired :-)

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  • That's good to hear, from your post I take it you're not having chemo, (I didn't) radiotherapy isn't too bad, if this is your route my lumpectomies were in October 2013, mammograms in 2014, 15 & 16 all clear, good luck x

  • No chemo thankfully. Good news on your clear mammograms - they seem along way off for me at the moment, but time passes so quickly and no doubt will be here before I know it.

  • Very good news for you Louise, and great to have an inspiring cousin along the way.

  • Great news Louise.I had the same as you and I finished my radiotherapy in June.Got my 1st mammogram in January.I'm also taking tamoxifen xx

  • I start my Radiotherapy in a couple of weeks, and will be having a monthly injection of Zoladex for two years, and have been prescribed Letrozole for 5 years. Good luck for your first Mamogram x

  • Well done lovely lady so pleased for you😊😊myself I'm two years down the road of that great journey xxxx

  • That's so good to hear :-)

  • Good luck, great news. Baby steps is what gets me by. And of course lovely support here, as well as friends. It's a comfort to know someone who has been through it and is so positive. Great stuff. ❤️❤️😘😘🌺🌺

  • It is a great comfort and the positivity does keep you grounded and positive - how are you doing? Xx

  • I'm waiting with trepidation for my first chemo session on Monday week. Trying to be 'normal', so had a little chipping and putting practice at the golf course. It felt great! Nice of you to ask Louise. And you? 🌺

  • It feels good doing normal stuff doesn't it. I start radiotherapy next week. Went into work for a few hours this morning it was so good to see everyone and touch base with them - they have been so incredibly supportive :-)

  • Good luck with the radiotherapy! Yes, normal is wonderful. 🌺

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