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Swollen eyes

Hi everyone, need some advice ,I finished 8 x fec-T 3 weeks ago and I have to say it's been the worst one I'm usually feeling better by now,my main concern is my lack of energy,trouble sleeping and awful bags have developed under my eyes and my eyes are constantly watering and are dry and crusty after I've slept.Today I look like I've been punched my eyes are so puffy!

Here's the main dilemma, because I've finished my chemotherapy now who should I go to ,my gp or the chemotherapy Nurses? Anybody got any ideas? I am due for operation in 3 weeks then radiotherapy.Help!!Luv Vicky.x

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Hi Vic. I personally finished chemo etc in June. I have had issues with different things and any concerns that I have I contact the oncology clinic. I think, as they are the people who - although I am finished treatment, I am still under their care for follow up appointments etc. they then are the ones to go to.They have been very helpful on each occassion and have even seen me in the clinic. If you think it is chemo related definitely contact them. I hope you are feeling better soon. Lainey xxx

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Thanks lainey, sounds a good idea,I'll call them tomorrow. Cheers.x


Ring the chemo nurses first. What's the worst they can say? They will tell you to speak to your GP if they don't think it is related. All the best.

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Hello Vicky

When I finished my chemo the Nurses told me I was still under their care for the next six weeks, then over to GP

Have you lost your eyelashes?

I did & my eyes became very sore, GP gave me 'artificial tears' & I had eye drops (the kind you have for hayfever/allergies) l could never open my right eye in a morning & had to bathe it first! My eyes improved as my lashes grew back.

You are probably feeling worse now than after the other rounds of chemo as the effect is cumulative as it keeps on working & doing its 'thing'

I remember people saying to me well it's all over now after my last chemo, well unfortunately it wasn't, not for me anyway.

Take care of yourself you've been through a lot, so rest as much as you can in readiness for your surgery.

Good Luck 💐


thankyou,glad it's not just me,yes I think everybody thinks that's it now i should be better.I have a doctors appointment today just to be on safe side.thanks for your thoughts.x


It' good you have a doctor's appointment. It sounds as though you have an eye infection as your resistance will be low after your Fec-t. Hope you get sorted x


When I finished my treatment I was told I was under the breast care nurses for 5 years, so you could call them


Hi vic, hopefully you have managed to talk to someone. Just because you are fi ished with chemo doesnt mean that the wonderful breast cancer nurses wont be there for you ir call Macmillan, they are a wonderful source of support.

I didnt lose my eyelashes until a month after i finished me chemo... Your symptoms are similar to what i experienced... Watering eyes, dry and crusty in the morning. I used some eye drops which helped a bit.

Hopefully you find something that helps...xx


Thanks all,I have eye drops now but also got reassurance that it's not an infection,just got to wait to feel better i think instead of expecting to feel normal straight away.Thankyou ladies for all your advice.good luck to you all.xx


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