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multiple fibroid

I am a 36 year old female based in New Delhi, India. I have multiple fibroid of different sizes in both of my breasts for almost last 6 to 7 years now. they are gradually growing in size. these are very painful sometime and causing me a lot of stress. As per reports they are non-cancerous as of now. I have had a chronic constipation problem. I have gone through various treatments and doctors of various streams i.e. homeopaethy ayurveda and allopaethy as well but for now relief.

recently I had discovered that there is another fibroid that is growing very rapidly in my ovary. Right now for last few months im also suffering from severe itching problem. Can somebody help and genuinely guide me ...

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Hi Prachi,

What kind of check ups did you go for?

I suggest get the triple assessment done which includes - USG / Mammography - FNAC - Biopsy for your Breast Fibroidenomas.

Regarding the ovarian fibroid too i suggest get a complete check up done.

Once you have a set of tests which can determine with 100 % accuracy about the benign nature only then can you be sure. My idea is not to scare you but i too had a breast firoidenoma which was benign by the USG's so i waited and watched as suggested only to be detected with BC after 6 month

Trust your instincts and consult a good Doctor.You will be at peace.



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