A plan at least

Hi ladies,

After a visit to the oncologist this afternoon, I came out with a plan for four sessions of chemo at three weekly intervals. An ice cap was prescribed to reduce hair loss. Starting in a couple of weeks. Just get on with it and get it over with I say! Still have a drain from operation but hopefully tomorrow that will be removed. It's been there so long.....!

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  • That's a great attitude to have Jacbowden! I was the same, last November I started 12 weekly cycles following single mastectomy. I just got on with it and each week crossed it off on my kitchen chalkboard.

  • Thanks for the positivity Jowigs, I'm pleased you are the right side of your treatment. Ah well, another ' adventure' , along the wobbly road of life!

  • I wish you all the best on your journey. It will soon pass. I had my first appointment with oncologist at beginning of May this year, followed by 4 chemo sessions, one every three weeks. Lost my hair 10 days after first one. Yesterday I saw oncologist for last time, hair is looking good and all I have to do now is take Letrazole for ten years and have regular checks. I count myself lucky to have had such amazing treatment and care from NHS. Not the most pleasant of journeys but far better than the alternative. Positivity plays a huge part so onwards and upwards. Xxx

  • Thanks a lot for the great vibes there.

  • Thats the way Jacbowden, march on and get it done. Good luck with the cold cap. I didn't try it myself, bald was quite an experience. All the best with the treatment. Keep on smiling 😊 xx

  • Thanks Lainey.

  • Wishing you all the best on the next phase of your journey.... I tried the ice cap, which worked to a certain extent for me. If you have long, thick hair I would suggest that you cut it shorter. Mines was and I lost most of mine from the top of my hair - looked a bit like a monk!

    Take each week as it comes and remain positive, although it sounds as though you are. I had chemo, surgery, radiotherapy & Herceptin and now on Tamoxifen for 10 years. My hair looks great and i feel great.

    Keep smiling xx

  • Great advice re hair cuts. I'm booking in for a short crop next week. It's so good having the support of you ladies. 🌺

  • Hi Jacbowden, just wanted to wish you all the best with the chemo - zap the little cancer b*****!! Hope you have a trouble free ride on the chemo journey but if not feel free to come and talk about it on here. Loads of support from all the ladies on here, all the best , Judy

  • Thanks Judymagpies. I love your support and helpful hints! 😘

  • Hi Jac

    Glad you have your plan now, hope it all goes well. I didn't have a cold cap & l lost my hair but had a fabulous wig(s) Let us know how you get on & take care of yourself.

    Best Wishes

    Mrs Nails 💐

  • Wouldn't have minded the wig thing, as I was a hairdresser most of my working life, but it could get a bit hot and sticky here putting up with a wig in summer. I'll see how I go.

  • I tried the whole wig thing, but I found it so hot and uncomfortable!! The best solution for me was one of the stretchy black pull on caps sold by the Cancer Council which I dressed up with a range of scarves....much more comfortable!

  • PS ....and itchy!!! lol

  • Hi Jac, didn't have chemo but I want to wish you all the best with it, hope the drain is removed soon as well, x

  • Drain came out this morning! Yay!

  • Good luck and please don't worry if you feel shit some days, it will pass eventually

  • Than you for the good wishes. I think as I wait the first chemical attack, it's the unknown that is fearsome. To hear other ladies' encouragement, who have already endured and survived is so welcome. 🌺

  • Love your attitude, that's the way to do it.!!

    I tried the cold cap and lasted a whole 5 mins and I only lasted that long because the nurse left me for a few mins and the husband went to make me a cup of tea.!!

    Hope your journey goes well with very few side effects xxx

  • Ha ha, I'm not at all confident I will last any longer! Thanks for sharing.🌺

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