First chemo done

Hi ladies. Had my first EC chemo session on Thursday which I was not looking forward to but I have to say was not as bad as I expected. I felt like I had had too many gins on the way home though! Since then I have felt nauseus but not been sick , and a bit tired. I found hot Ginger cordial has helped the nausea too. I know it will get harder as the sessions go but for me that's 1 down 5 to go... so onwards and upwards and love and hugs to everyone 💕xx

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  • Hey there Kazzerp. You brave lady. You keep fighting the fight and you will be sorted in no time. What is the space between sessions? With mine TC was every 3 weeks, AC every two and CMF every 2 weeks. If youbset out your calendar popping a treat in between each chemo to give yourself something to look forward to, makes it go even faster. All the best, Lainey66 xx

  • Thanks lainey66 I certainly intend to. Treatment is 3 x EC and 3 x T at 3 weekly intervals then some radiotherapy. Hugs x

  • You are all brave ladies. Wonderful uplifting comments. 🌺❤️

  • Just wishing you well for the rest of your chemo, as Lainey says arrange little treats for yourself between sessions, and a bigger one after your last session xxxx

  • Thankyou. I will x

  • Thanks so much for sharing this experience. And Congratulations on one out of the way! Let's hope the rest won't be any worse. I will know in a week or so if I too have to have some chemo, so it's really good to get your feedback. Love and lots of warm wonderful wishes coming to you. ❤️🌺

  • I found eating really healthily helped so advocado banana and beetroot smoothies add in berries and apple too help the immune system and are anti inflammatory . I as voided all sugars , alcohol and took root ginger and turmeric and surprisingly found my chemo sessions ok . Avoid grapefruit it can cause stomach problems with chemo . Also eat 4 small meals a day and I took the flora tablets for the natural gut bacteria

  • Thanks maggie . Have been looking at smoothie recipes. Do you use Greek yoghurt in them. I know not to use live yoghurt etc. I amusing almond milk . X

  • Good for you. One step at a time and use us for support on the not so good days and plan happy treats for the good days. 😃

    I worked full time through chemotherapy, it was hard at the end but it helped to distract me. If you haven't found a support group yet go to one as the camaraderie really helps get you through.

    Good luck xx

  • Thankyou emonty. Will take you're advice . It's great to be able to turn to people who have already been there xx

  • I had 2 days of sickness on day 3&4. Just like a mild hangover. I took all the anti sickness tabs they gave me and ate little and often, went to work as normal which took my mind off it. Very glad it passed tho! Not looking forward to it becoming worse I must say. 1 down 7 to go! Best of luck to all 🍀

  • I hope my session is as good as yours - I have my first one tomorrow fingers crossed

  • Hi jessy. Wishing you well, try not to worry and just go with the flow. This time tomorrow you will be 1 down.big hugs Kaz x

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