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Hello to all you brave ladies with breast cancer challenges. Just wanted to say that yesterday I had a right breast mastectomy along with the removal of a couple of lymph nodes. I was only in hospital for 18 hours and am home now controlling the user friendly drain. A nurse will come and visit tomorrow. I haven't needed any pain killers since the op which is brilliant. Onto the next phase...the wait for pathology. Big hugs to you all. 😘😘❀️🌺

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  • Best wishes for a good recovery xxx

  • Wishing you well for a speedy recovery with some good news at the end of it.πŸ’ πŸ’ 

  • Thank you, me too! 😏

  • Wow thats amazing. Good luck with ongoing recovery and whatever comes next. Xxx

  • Thank you. 🌺

  • I had mastectomy and node clearance 10 days ago drains were our day 3 and also no pain relief needed have full arm miovemebts and feel happy cancer removed awaiting results clinic on 12 th onwards and upwards xx

  • Good luck Maggie. 🌺

  • Was there myself last year, the wait for results isn't good, but whatever the outcome you will deal with it and come through it, concentrate on getting well after surgery, do your exercises when you are able to start.

    Good luck with your treatment, and keep us all informed xx

  • Am doing exercises, especially sweeping floors and emptying the dishwasher!

  • Thanks I already have had chemo and am on target drugs herceptin and perjeta feeling really positive and healthy and know I need radiotherapy so just need to see if anything else needed with results but I am very positive person who feels fitter than I did 10 years ago xx thanks so much

  • What a great attitude Maggie. You go girl! Fabulous stuff. 🌺😘😘

  • Will do xx

  • That's great news, fingers crossed for good news next. Make sure you do your exercises. Xx

  • My surgeon was amazed dat 3 I have full movements in my arm and am doing exercise as directed I think Pilate classes daily during chemo before surgery really helped

  • I wish you all the very best and trust your results will be negative then you can get on with your life and put this all behind you. Xx

  • Lol ... so did I .... they were not too bad though πŸ˜€

  • It's not nice, but there's a nurse popping in every couple of days. It's not complicated, just a nuisance. Sorry to hear about people having to be drained with a needle. Yuk.

  • Hey there πŸ˜€ you sound excellent. I was very similar after a double mastectomy this last Jan. I had a bone scan this week and, thank God, all is clear. Keep up your lovely outlook and you will be fine in no time. The drain... oh the memories. Only once mine leaked... once was enough 😝😝😝 take care and have a totally relaxing weekend xxxx

  • So happy for you Lainey and thanks for the upbeat comments. 😘🌺

  • So glad to hear your scan was clear Lainey. Onwards and upwards x

  • Hi, glad you are home & not in any pain, presume you had a pain/nerve block done? Take it easy but start your exercises gently, remember it's been a big operation.

    Take good care of yourself & let us know how you are getting on.

    Best Wishes πŸ’

  • Thanks for that. Will do. 🌺❀️

  • I've just read your original post (l was away when you posted) I too had a single mastectomy & node removal & was a 40D

    I was advised not to have a reconstruction at the time as I was/am on steroids for an autoimmune condition which affects the muscles so they didn't want to involve any additional muscles at that time. I have a silicone prosthesis & when I'm dressed no one would know.

    When I went for it I was wearing a striped top & the nurse sighed, saying I was very optimistic but I said I'd worn it deliberately to check how good it would look & it was!

    I went out looking perfectly balanced! Take Care πŸ’πŸŽ€

  • That's very encouraging thanks. 🌺

  • Oh dear, that's a pity you went through all that. The new drain method makes early discharge an option and it's not too bad. Hopefully just a couple of days.

  • I'm so sorry to know you have lymphodema. Is it terribly debilitating? 🌺

  • You poor lady. It does sound like an awful thing to cope with. I have heard that it can happen even with a few nodes removed. 🌺

  • Best wishes to you jacbowden - you sound on top of the world! Hope all goes well with your recovery. Please do your exercises religiously - you do not want to and up with lymphoedema xx

  • Thanks Christie, imwill do them! 🌺

  • Hope you get great pathology results! I was also pain free after a mastectomy for quite a few days but I was told this was because the surgeons had inserted some sort of "pain block" slow release drug near my spine on my back during surgery. Just make sure you have strong painkillers on hand for later (just in case you need them). Also a portion of my arm muscle on the back of the arm on the affected side was completely numb after surgery. Breast surgeons and nurses were not concerned by this at all & kept on telling me that the sensation would return to this muscle "once the nerves had recovered themselves". FOUR MONTHS later I finally mentioned this numbness to my acupuncturist and after just one session of needles in the right place I got a tingling sensation back in the muscle & was completely back to normal after about three acupuncture sessions. My acupuncture practitioner was amazed I had not mentioned it sooner because it could have been treated much easier much sooner! Just goes to show that our breast care and oncology specialists don't know everything! Wishing you a speedy recovery. X

  • That was an interesting titbit about your numbness. Thanks for your comments and good wishes. The same back to you too. xx🌺

  • My arm muscle near my shoulder is completely numb 5 month after surgery and the skin over my right chest is tight as a drum, when will it be ok again?

  • Hugs to you too xx

  • Make sure to take it easy congrats another step in the right direction xx

  • Thanks🌺

  • Great news you're home xxx hope you continue to be well in your recovery x

  • Thank you Mandy🌺

  • Good to hear from you and glad you are feeling ok. Fingers crossed for the pathology xx

  • Thanks. 🌺

  • Big Hugs to you jac and speedy recovery wishes ❀

  • Wow. That was quick work. Hope you continue to progress well. Xx

  • It's been three weeks since the op. Two days ago I managed some putting and chipping at the golf course! Going to try for a few hikes before chemo starts Monday week. 🌺

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