Stitches not dissolving

I'm so fed up right now, I'm normally a strong person but here I am 6 weeks after some revision surgery to my breasts and tummy after reconstruction in December and I'm still not healing, bits of the wounds keep breaking down and it really frightens me as I'm scared the whole area will open up. I saw the nurse yesterday and she said my body doesn't like the sutures and they are breaking through the skin, I wish now I hadn't had the op :( I've had so many surgeries now over the past 5 years, including 2 reconstructive surgeries, firstly from the back and then from the tummy but I actually feel worse now than after those. I've just got my head around my secondary diagnosis and feeling thankful that I am 'living with cancer' rather than dying from it. I just wanted to get this surgery out of the way then have my nipple reconstruction and start getting back to some sort of normality.

Sorry for having a moan but I'm just having a tough time right now and feeling emotional.

Hugs to all you lovely ladies on here

Trish xx

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  • Gosh, don't apologise for having a moan, after all you've been through I think you're allowed! I think anyone would be fed up. No advice to give but sending you a hug xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Sounds like you are having a tough time but I'm hoping the consultant surgeon is also reviewing you and not only a nurse.

    I think you have every right to be fed up right now!

    I hope it turns a corner soon and sunnier days are ahead of you.

    Big hugs xx

  • Big hug coming your way, brave lady xx

  • Thank you xx

  • Your entitled to moan,you've been through an awful lot.take it easy,take care of yourself,and give yourself time.

    I'm going to see the consultant next week,and am really thinking about not having the nipple reconstruction and tatto,I'm feed up with it all,and at my age is it rally necessary.

    Somebody else might need the appointment,as long as I'm free from cancer,that's all I care about.

    Keep your chin up,treat yourself to a manicure or do something nice( nothing

  • Thank you! I know what you mean about just being relieved to be cancer free but I would recommend the nipple reconstruction, it's a small op done under local anaesthetic and it does make a big difference to how you feel. Good luck and thanks for thinking of me xx

  • Hi Trish sounds awful theres always light at the end of the tunnel ! hang in there have u tried advacados i have been eating 1 every day very good for healing skin take care x

  • Hi thank you, I do eat avocados but not daily, just think I have a poor immune system, anyway feeling brighter today so keeping my chin up xx

  • Me too, sending a hug. This is exactly where you can have a moan. Although I am new to this forum I can see how supportive the lovely women who visit here, are. I do hope things begin to heal for you. ❤️❤️

  • Aww thanks, it's so lovely to have the support on this forum xx

  • Like eveyone else, hope you heal soon. don't worry about having a moan, this is the place to do it x

  • Thanks, I try not to moan but I guess we all have bad days and it's good to be able to have the support on here xx

  • Just go for your life, whenever you feel like it! Therapy! 😜

  • My darling, just sending you a big hug. This forum is for ranting, moaning, sharing the bad times and the good. Where would we be without it!

  • Thanks for the hug xx and yes you're right, this forum is a great place and full of lovely supportive people xx

  • Can I ask you how you felt after the operation before the reconstruction

  • Hi do you mean after the initial mastectomy? I've had two reconstructive surgeries as the first one failed xx

  • Happy to talk if you want to, just let me know and I will send my number xx

  • Oh Trish, I just came to your home page to send you a PM and saw this post. I feel for you - you sound so miserable. Is there anything they can give to help your body fight infection and to stop it rejecting stitches/implants etc?

    What a rough time you are having and yet you found the time to respond to my post. Huge hugs to you and hoping they get these issues sorted soon xxxxx

  • I am feeling scared hearing all this as they wanted me to have surgery and I said no as I was scared no I am hearing failed surgery etc and I am thinking what the hell.

  • Oh please don't be scared, most people are usually fine, I've just been unlucky but I'm finally healing and next week I have my nipple reconstruction so I can look forward to moving on with life. Even though I've had problems I'm definitely glad that I had the surgery xx

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