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Tumour in lymph

Hi. I was diagnosed in December 2013 with dcis. Had lumpectomy and radiotherapy. Found lump in Jan 2015. Breast surgeon saw me several times then did biopsy in July 2015. Was told it was a tumour which is benign and they would 'keep an eye'on it. I asked if being tumours ever become malignant and was told rarely. Big relief. Returned for annual check up and breast surgeon said this is in your lymph and I would like an ultrasound. Now waiting for appointment. It is uncomfortable at times. Feels like a pressure and occasionally a sharp pain. Now I am worried. Has anyone had similar?


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I didn't have a tumour in my lymph nodes but they tested positive for cancer. I had a tightness there and a dull pain on the rare occassion. However as I said not a tumour. Stay positive and I hope all goes well for you. Lainey66 xx

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