Annual review

Well lovely ladies I had my first annual review a few days ago and the surgeon was very pleased with me and said I didn't have to go back for 2 years so I promptly burst in to tears - relief I think. I have my first post surgery mammogram next month at the radiologists clinic where he gives you the results whilst you're there rather than having to wait for that letter. I knew I had to get over this milestone but it's amazing how much fear it stirs up again.

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  • Hi mell

    Feels bittersweet doesn't it? I'm finishing herceptin next month and I see my oncologist end of Sept where she says she will sign me off to just being under surgeon, I'm having final stage of recon before christmas. Scared of not touching base with them as often but pleased they don't feel the need to. Really pleased for you, stay well xx

  • Thanks Cazlav it's an odd feeling isn't it but I'm telling myself this is a good reaction and normal feeling. Hope all goes well for you xx

  • I am so happy for you Mell. I have my very first of my three monthly reviews next Monday. Yikes! I know what you mean when you say it stirs everything up again, in 15 days it will be a full year since my diagnosis. Xx

  • Hi Lainey66 just letting you know I will be thinking of you next week and hope it goes well, sure it will....mine is in January and I am anxious NOW - think I will need sedation to get me there! I have read all your posts and I think you are great, so supportive Pauline xxx

  • Yes Lainey it's amazing where the time goes. I had my recall and biopsies on 28 Sept last year and diagnosis on 6 October. I think those dates might churn things up again but have first post mammogram on 14 October so that should be start of good times hopefully. I wish you the very best Lainey you are such an inspiration to us all 😃 xxx

  • That's really good news. The only time I have cried since my diagnosis was when I was told I was clear. You would think it would be the other way round. I know how you feel - relieved and elated. Good luck with your mammogram - I'm sure everything will be fine xx

  • Thanks Chrissie I'm the same, it was the first time I'd really cried apart from final day of treatment then I cried like a hormonal woman! Xx

  • Hi Mell. Congratulations. You did it xxx

  • Thank you Louise x

  • Well done you . Great news and yes the tears would be the relief . Got my second review on the 1/12/2016 and recently had all clear on mammogram . I am not sure my worries will ever stop but i hope to deal with them better and lock them away . I think we all need tips on coping mechanisms . At least now i am only at one hospital as i had to have surgery at one and radiotheraphy at another as not all local hospitals have that unit . So to be under one roof is good . You stay well !

  • Yes I had my surgery locally but had to travel daily for my radio which made it more tiring. I'm sure you will be fine come December but let us know how it goes xx

  • Hi all. Congrats all round. You all take care. Got mine soon. Marilyn

  • Thanks Marilyn x

  • Hi all , don't know any of you guys , but I'm following you ! Iv just had my five year check,and all good 👯😬😀😄back on the tomoxfin 😫For another five years , my name is Kate , my user name went wrong and I can't change it ! Good luck to you all xxx

  • Great news on the five year all clear...they have put me on tamoxifen for ten years also been on for 18 months now hot flushes a pain but getting muscle pain in lower legs ie aching so to speak. .but hey ho good days bad days it's all part of the journey .you stay well kate and I know we all get something good from the site and helping each other ..

  • Diagnosed with breast cancer yr 2000,lumpectomy and removal of all lynph nodes under left arm, ( they were all clear) l was heartbroken.

    Diagnosed with b,cancer in right breast 2013 had a

    Lumpectomy,in and out in a day. No further treatment needed.

    Diagnosed b,cancer november 2015 in right breast. full mastectomy and removal of all right lymph nodes. Chemotherapy and radiotherapy, now on drug letrozole,

    In 2000 l also had 6 painful biopsies and in 2016 a terrible radiotherapy rash.

    I have somehow survived and am improving but l will never go through this again as l am 76 yrs old.

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