Flying with a Prosthesis

This was something I was concerned about before I took my first flight after my surgery & chemo mainly because I am that person they pick on for the additional search & invariably cause the scanner to beep!

So I flew minus my watch, no under wired bras anymore anyway, no sparkly TShirt & wore slip on shoes & I sailed through no problem.

I did however, at the last minute decide to leave my swim prosthesis behind but now having read this article l'll definitely take it next time!

Here's getting back to the new normal! 🎀

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  • Such a useful article and certainly covered a lot of points that I had not even considered. Thank you for sharing.

  • It's surprising isn't it the new 'normal' but I was so reassured after my first flight, so I thought the article was well worth sharing! Safe Travels! ✈️

  • I always get singled out so wore my softee , but last couple of times prothesis got patted down and just expained to to the girl and she was lovely said her mum had breast cancer.

  • It was really the swimming one I was most bothered about, incase they decided it was 'liquid' like lipstick! 💄

    I think the metal free, bling free clothes helped & I just waltzed through!

    I thought the article was good & reassuring especially as you like me are always the one who gets the extra scrutiny!

    Take Care & Happy Flying ✈️

  • I haven't had any problems wearing mine through security!!

  • Have you taken a swim prosthesis in hand luggage through Security?

  • Not in my hand luggage but packed with swimsuit etc in main bag. I have never been asked about either, just lucky?

  • Wow so so relieved! Than you for posting. It's not just the BC that has given me cause to hate being touched / looked at, goes back to childhood. Of course I'm an adult now! Still good to hear / read very much appreciated xxx

  • It was the easiest trip through Security ever as it happened! I'll take the swim one when l go to France next year but put it in my Hold luggage. 💕

  • I've flown several.times with my swimming prosthesis suitcase and I had no problem.

  • Thanks pinkie15 thats really good to know.

    Hope you're doing well 💐Best Wishes for Christmas

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