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Seroma seems to be building up quite quickly. Was drained on thursday and had to be drained again yesterday. Radiologist not sure how much longer he'll be able to continue draining. High risk of puncturing expandable implants and he wants to avoid this which is understandable. However it needs to be done as the internal pressure has caused scar to reopen.

Still awaiting a date to start chemo but was informed by my breast care nurse today that the constant build up of seroma can delay onset of chemo. Needs to have settled down first.

Conflicting info because yesterday another breast care nurse said it doesnt usually delay treatment.

This is extremely worrying and I feel as if my consultant isnt showing much interest. The radiologist tried and from what i understand she didnt engage with his concerns.

Has anyone else had issues with seroma where it's delayed their treatment.

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Hi there. I can only imagine how this would have you worried and panicky. Seroma seems to be fairly common. I didn't have it, though the post op drains I had in were the reason I was kept in hospital an extra 2 days, so maybe it's a similar thing. I had a very slow healing wound under my breast and it was that that delayed my chemo by a week. They like you to have as few reasons for infection as possible starting your chemo because your immune system will be so erratic during your treatment. Try not to worry too much but do ask the questions if it keeps your mind at rest. Hopefully it will all settle in the next wee while. Xx

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Thanks Gracie66 .. Ive only just realised how the process can be so frustrating. Time is definitely a healer. Patience masters all.

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Hi Bajan. I had Seroma for months and itvdelayed my radiotherapy treatment, when it did start they had to drain some off twice as it was affecting the accuracy of the radiotherapy. My consultant was great, sounds like you are unlucky with yours but you can request to change if you are unhappy, I did with my oncologist.

Good luck x


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