Worried about pain in the breast

Hi all. Just had to "put it out there" that I'm so worried about a pain in my breast - the one where the lump was successfully removed at the end of last year. I had my first 6 month review in July which was absolutely fine, but now I've got a continuous ache especially around the nipple area and under my arm. I've just returned from a holiday in Turkey, where I spent a week with my lovely Godchildren - I may very well have overdone it and pulled a muscle or something, but it's the weekend now and I'm having to wait until Monday before I can see my GP. I don't want to tell anyone about it as I feel I'm probably fussing over nothing, but I have to tell someone - sorry guys.

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  • Don't worry about posting, between us we've read the book, worn the t shirt and seen the film, contact GP or Breast nurse early next week, keeping everything x that it's nothing serious, good luck xxxx

  • Certainly dont worry until you know it is something to worry about. You will drive yourself crazy. Think of it as a oulled or stretched muscle then get to gp on Monday. In the meantime try to relax and distract yourself with hobbies and interests. Visit people or treat yourself to a day trip to places of interest but try not worry. Lainey xxx

  • its a fine line isnt it between do i call someone or do i just get on with it but i think always best to give the breast care nurses a call even at a weekend you can call leave a message and they can get back to you first thing on monday .My nipple area is painful after 18 months in varying degrees but i am told its nerve endings etc but there is always doubt and its natural to feel that way after what we have all been through so give the team a call just to settle your concerns . I can get more pain if i have forgotten and carried something etc or a stretch too far .Take care and stay well

  • Thanks so much to you all for your replies. As the day has gone on its not hurting quite so much, but that of course in turn is worrying me more!! It's a never-ending cycle! Thanks louise007, I think I will leave a message for my bc nurse to ring, and have a chat with her on Monday about it. I'll let you all know what transpires. xxx

  • Good ..ring them .I have rang a few times and I can feel bad about bothering them as I always think someone else is worse off than me and needs their time more but they say I am silly and its what they are there for . Only one time I was called in to let someone take a feel. ..lol..and the others just great words of advice and reassurance.

  • I can only agree with everyone else .. We have all been where you are ... We know how hard it is .. Just hanging in till Monday ... Try and relax ... Good luck x

  • You probably have over done it,as I had a pain that lasted over a week,as I was swimming,and I think I just over stretched myself.

    I'd ring the breast care nurses on Monday and see what they say,in the mean time,relax,take it easy,and hopefully it will ease off.

    Good luck.xxxx

  • Dear Susan, I had a double mastectomy last September and still have aches in my breast area. I have been told it is normal because the nerves have been cut but I think you are right it's when you overdo and strain the muscles with exercise etc. Get well soon, Marina xx

  • Try not to worry but call Macmillan if you need to talk to someone in confidence, they are brilliant.

    Good luck x

  • It might even be the knitting together try not to worry to much... Easier said than done x

  • It is almost definitely residual effects of the surgery. It takes a long time for your body to adjust to something as invasive as a lumpectomy. You will have many times ahead of you when you get alarmed by something and you can't live your life on a knife edge. Adopt the attitude 'what will be will be' and set out to enjoy and celebrate every day.

  • Thank you all for your support. I spoke with my bc nurse yesterday and she is going to arrange for me to be seen and probably have a mammogram. I can't help but freak out, but am trying not to worry - after all, there are people a lot worse off than me. I will keep you informed of how I get on. Thanks again.

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