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Orange peel skin!??????

Hi girls,

Just a query, concern - after diagnosis by mammogram because the lump was deep and central, I had no visible symptoms such as dimpling, orange peel skin appearance. However after lumpectomy and radiotherapy ending 11th May, I now have the orange peel skin, numbness in places, which I was told to expect together with all the other things. My breast is still swollen and is painful at times but expected.. The thing that worries me most is the skins effect - was under the impression that this was a indication of Ca not a post op feature. Any other "lumpectomies" out there have the same. Did mention it to the locum oncologist as mine was poorly and she said it was ok......... But ladies as experience is vast -what do you say!!

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I too have the "orange peel"appearance and would like some advice on it too. My radiotherapy ended in Nov 2015 and lumpectomy was Sept 2015 . I finished Herceptin in May 2016 but like you my breast still seems swollen and painful at times ,so much so I can't lie on that side and even my year old cat walking over me can be painful .My partner is getting on at me to call my cancer nurse just for a chat about it but I don't want ot waste her time if it's just trivial .


Hi lozzap50. 5 years on after lumpectomy, occasionally I still feel uncomfortable sometimes when I lie on that side. I have to 'place' the breast into a comfortable position. I cannot remember how long it was when it didn't feel painful but I think it was quite a while. As regards the orange-peel skin, I guess it is because your breast is swollen. Not sure how to explain it but the pores are pushed out giving the effect. Please do not feel you are wasting the nurse's time. To give you reassurance it is always best to check. That is what they are there for. It will also stop your partner getting annoyed!! Best wishes xx


I was advised not to have reconstruction pre radiotherapy as radiotherapy can cause dimpling and shrivelling of skin


Girls please never feel that you are wasting your breast nurse or GP's time after a diagnosis of breast cancer and all the treatment that follows. I would say you should not continue to be in pain once swelling following surgery subsides. Continuing swelling and/or pain could be an indication of infection that can be treated for example. Or it could be aggravated nerve endings. All worth further investigation.


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