Had a scan for other health issue. Consultant referred me to breast clinic as he saw something suspicious. Breast clinic performed mammogram and told me it was okay. Ten months later I felt lump in the same place. Back to same breast clinic, another mammogram, ultrasound and then biopsies. Result was breast cancer. So angry they missed it a year ago!

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  • Morning, gosh I can imagine why you're angry! That is so infuriating! We're all here for you...everyone is at different stages but we're here to offer support and love.xxx

  • So sorry to read of your misdiagnosis, sending love and hugs your way xxxxxxxx

  • Poor you Carol, you must feel very let down by your doctors..

    I've been harping on for years that they can't just rely on mammograms at any age. I had a lump that was only visible on MRI so was lucky I had them as part of my annual screening

    ...come back and vent whenever as does feel better when you have a good rant!

    Big hugs and hope your treatment plan's sorted for you soon,

    Nix x

  • Hi Nix,

    They started me on Letrozole last November and I've been having ultrasounds every six to eight weeks. I've to have surgery when my tumour has shrunk enough... it started out at 38mm and is now about 20mm.


  • Yes, it's natural to feel angry. Unfortunately, mammograms miss a lot of people's cancers. They are developing better scanning methods to increase success rates with diagnoses, but it all takes time. Don't dwell on it, just be glad that it has now been diagnosed, and treatment is really good these days, with the best success rates of any cancer. Good luck, and have faith in the medical team who are now looking after you.

  • Mine too didn't show up in a mammogram and it was 10cm when they did mri later on I had chemo first then surgery then radiotherapy which I finished 4 weeks ago when I had my surgery the chemo and her cep tin the whole tumor was gone

    Best of luck Carol the treatments are brilliant and the fact that your tumor is dissolving means you will have a good result from your surgery


  • Thank you! What really nice people there are here. Sometimes it's just that little bit of extra support that makes all the difference! I've got my next appointment on Friday so will be interesting to see what the plans are this time. I know I've got surgery ahead and really not looking forward to that. Will be glad however to have the nasty little critter out of my body!

  • Hi Carol,I'm Carol to,I had a mammogram,July last year,and that's when mine was found,(I can understand you being angry,but that won't help now) from my experience everybody I've dealt with on the breast care team have been amazing,ask questions and you don't always have to go with what's suggested,I called my cancer "the Alien" and when it was gone, I said it was exterminated.My consultant wanted to do a lumpectomy,with radiotherapy after,I wanted it gone,so opted for a mastectomy,best thing for MY piece of mind,and no other treatment afterwards,I now take Letrozole,and so far have been very lucky.

    Good luck and best wishes,I hope all turns out well in the end,also you need to have goals,something to aim for,mine was getting back to Cyprus,and this is now my second trip since surgery and reconstruction,and not coming back to uk until beginning of October.

    There is a lot to think about,and it is scary,but I've found this forum so helpful and reassuring.good luck.xx

  • Hi carol, same happened to me, they said some abnormal tissue found in left Breast, but nothing to worry about, 14 months later 2 cancer lumps I hadn't felt but had pain under my arm, macectomy, chemo, radio, hysterectomy followed, so angry, it could have been caught much earlier, so sorry for your news, I'm 4 years in, but the journey has been tuff! Big hugs and you can get through it xx😘

  • So sorry to hear about your misdiagnosis you must be feeling very angry and upset. My secondary diagnosis was overlooked for 5 months and I know how that made me feel. It's good to hear that the tumour has shrunk and treatment is very good. You are bound to feel anxious about the future but we are all here for you to give love and support xx

  • Thank you, I hope your treatment is now going well. I was at the clinic yesterday and they seem happy with my progress. Looks like surgery in November which will be exactly a year since I was diagnosed. X

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