Tamoxifen+ menstrual cycle


I've been on tamoxifen since April this year+ so far no side effects. My period is 8 days late+ the last one only lasted a couple of days. Is this normal?

I'm 39+ had chemotherapy, period stopped after 3rd (of 6) sessions+ returned about 4/5 weeks after stopping. So chemopause was only 4 months approximately. I'd also had my first baby 3 weeks before starting chemo, if that might make any difference.

Thanks in advance.

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  • Yes it is normal, tamoxifen should stop your periods, you remain on it 5-10 years, probably the latter in your case as you are young. Sometimes they change you to an aromas taste inhibitor at 5 years, but only if post menopausal, so you should stay on tamoxifen. X

  • I didn't realise it would stop my periods. My friend was on it+ hers didn't stop. Does this mean I'm going into the menopause already? :-(

  • Hi Arlene I started on tamoxifen December 2015 at age 52 and still having regular periods. I had 3 normal periods then all the pain but no bleeding the following month then next month spotted and now not had anything for 60+ days. My oncologist said it wouldn't take me through the menopause but my periods might stop as tamoxifen blocks the oestrogen. I'm on it for 10 years so might have the menopause without realising it whereas I think for yourself at your age they will probably come back once you finish it. Hope this helps x

  • hello, i'm 35 and have been taking tamoxifen for nearly 2 years. my periods stopped midway chemo but reappeared about six months after. i'm still having regular periods but they're really light...so as with everything i think it varies and some people's periods stop and others continue. my er results were 8/8.xxx

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