Would you book a cruise

Just wondering what everyone thinks. I am in a quandary whether to book a canary island cruise in November. i look forward to some winter sun. I have secondary bc and have been on Fulvestrant for 18 months now. I recently had a recurrence and radiotherapy but my folliw-up scan was clear at the end of June. My next oncology appointment is the beginning of October. I was going to book it today but cannot sleep thinking whether to or not. I have looked into travel insurance and it is extortionate so would not bother for the bc. Everything else is covered but worry in case I have another recurrence and have to lose the money which will be due at the end of the month. Just wondering if anyone has had a re-occurrence during a 4-month period? Has anyone found a reasonable travel insurance company?

I guess you will all be telling me to contact oncology or my breast care nurse but that is not possible in the middle of the night. I just wanted to write my thoughts down and try and get them out of my head so I might get some sleep. I have booked holidays before but then I worry in case I have to cancel. I am always glad when the holiday date arrives but haven't had to cancel yet xx

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  • When you wake yes ring oncologist but really... i think treat yourself you deserve it xx

  • Is it realy important to take a trip that is a risk when there are so many lovely places on the UK,for myself i find that i need to be in controle of my holidays and not worry about getting to a doc --needing help when there is no help on hand.

    We go to a Hotel in Devon that has a great sporting section as well as a lot of craft lessons to do and they have girls in giving massage and hair & nails -lots to do and a trip you can book to Eden and i expect there are other places that run the like. also most boarding schools do a summer school and these are great.

    Idont fly anymore and if you are concerned about your health my advice is to stay in the UK.

  • Go for it.. You don't know what's in front of you.. Go and enjoy x

  • Hi Chrissie

    I know the dilemma of should I book/might I have to cancel?

    I waited until l saw my Oncologist (Post Chemo) then booked a Cruise six weeks ahead, we still got an excellent cabin & we went to the Canary Islands too!

    Rather than cancel everything when I was diagnosed we rescheduled a Cruise from last year to this but as my first annual mammogram was due just before we needed to pay the balance, I requested my mammogram a week earlier & my BCNurse rang me with the result the day before we had to pay, so now we're looking forward to that in September!

    I always used to book everything way ahead but now I'm trying to plan/book a bit nearer the time, its very hard for me as I am a 'Planner' by nature but Breast Cancer kicked all my plans up in the air last year so I'm learning to adapt!

    My Insurance covers me for anything except Breast Cancer but I'm staying with them as they cover another Medical Condition I have, so that's kind of why I'm not booking too far ahead!

    Hope everything is good when you see your Oncologist & you can get away on your Cruise. xx

  • I'm in Cyprus at the moment and am coming back on 1st October,I took out insurance with Allclear and I declared that I'm recovering from breast cancer reconstruction,and that I take letrozole daily,also I added my husband as he uses 3 inhalers,this cost £174.00.but it's piece of mind. I hope this helps, I would wait until until your scan,then decide.good luck.xxx

  • I really think you should ring your oncologist / breast care nurse ... I had a cruise booked but was told not a good idea in case I was taken ill out at sea .. How would they get me back .. The insurance was HUGE. Taking this Ito account I decided to stay in the UK ! But only you and your professionals know what's best . Xxx good luck x

  • Your oncologist is best person to advise... Re insurance i found that most companies will not cover the breast cancer... I have used InsureWith you are reasonably priced.

    Wherever you end up going... Have a great time xx

  • Go for it have things to look forward to insurances sometimes want a note from your oncologist worse thing is u may have to cancel but we spend too much time on way if

    Europe has good hospitals

    Insure with are reasonable and is a company developed from someone who had breast cancer and couldn't get insurance

    Travel while u can and enjoy yourself

  • Thanks for all your replies. I go to the hospital on Wednesday for my injection so I will see someone about it then. We do go on holiday in the UK also but it was for some sunshine in the winter as my body always suffers from our dreary weather. I must stress that I am not a sun worshipper and do not sit out in it for hours. It just makes me feel good.

    I always used to book holidays way ahead as I like to be organised but now I am finding the trips we want to do are booked up if I leave it very late

    As regards travel insurance, the last cheapest quote I had was £800. We do have insurance through our bank for everything but the cancer. Fingers crossed if I go ahead and book as no-one really knows what lies ahead xx

  • Hi. I had to cancel my holiday last year due to bc diagnosis. I've just had my 4-month post-treatment all clear and am going away on sunday! I personally would not go without having inclusive insurance: I used yourinsurance.com and am covered for recent bc, recent blood clots and asthma, which cost just under £15 for 9 days. I do think that you need to speak with your dr or bc nurse though. Good luck with whatever you choose to do, and have a lovely holiday where you end up - you deserve it!

  • Sorry - got the name of the insurance company wrong - it is yourtravelcover.com - hope it helps you or anyone else looking for cover! Xx

  • Thanks for the info Susan-I. I'll check out the insurer. Good news about your all clear. Have a great holiday xx

  • For those wanting a UK holiday in the south of England I can personally recommend The Grove Hotel, Grove Road, Bournemouth (a Macmillan Caring Locally Hotel). There is a 24 hour nurse on duty should an emergency arise. The hotel is beautiful, clean, superb meals and above all - the staff are very friendly and helpful. It is more like visiting family. Only a road back from the beautiful sandy front and within easy walking distance of the cliff lift.

  • How did you get on .. Did you get the answer to your quandary x

  • Hi Mandywilson

    In the end I decided not to do anything and,hopefully, book the cruise nearerctge time if it is still available. I don't think I can cope for 4 months with the worry of losing all that money. Even if the oncologist said to go ahead, he doesn't really know what might happen and it is not his money to lose

    I looked at the various travel insurance companies and it was going to cost almost £1000 for the 2 of us. We are 68 and 74 and have other health issues which push up the cost

    Thanks for your concern x

  • I asked about my cruise with my husband .. I was told it would be OK .. So booked it .. And another holiday in Madeira.. Next time I saw the oncologist I was told not to go !! I was devastated ! It cost £25 for a GP letter.. Then lost about £500 ... I think you have made the right decision xxx you will enjoy it all the more when you know it's safe to go xxx

  • Thanks for that. I feel better knowing I've probably made the right decision xx

  • Check first then go for it ...something to look forward to works wonders I went to Tenerife after my op and came back the day before started radiotherapy complete with tan lines which gave the nurses a laugh😁 also I went without telling the insurers xx all the best

  • I have gone on a few holidays without insurance forthe cancer side of everything. Ibrefusecto pay the amounts that are quoting. My worry is that after a red recurrence, I might lose all the money we would have to pay for the cruise. I think now we have decided to book nearer the time if all well. We do have another holiday booked in October in Yorkshire and we often get good weather when we go so fingers crossed for a Indian summer!! Thanks for thoughts and I know what you mean about having something to look forward to. Best wishes x

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