Celebrating results

So I thought some good news was due to be shared with you.

I had an afternoon of appointments yesterday starting with my 3 weekly herceptin iv and myfirst dose of bisophosphonates iv, the latter is designed to prevent secondary breast cancer in the bones and can give flu like symptoms, it was all given without drama and no side effects noticed yet.

Then I saw the surgeon for review of debridement and insertion of a corrugated drain, which I had done 11 days ago, and it is all looking good, draining well and wound healing. Most importantly is that the pathology was clear too.

Next was my first mammogram since being diagnosed last year and it was clear! What a massive sigh of relief.

So I have celebrated with bubbles, which is the only way to celebrate such a run of positive results.

So enjoy my good news xxx

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  • Wonderful ... I am so happy for you .. Xxx love to hear good news keeps people positive xxxxx

  • Fantastic news! What a great feeling. And your positive vibe will help massively with your ongoing recovery. Xxxxxxx

  • Great news, really pleased for you x

  • Great stuff!! So pleased to be reading this xx

  • Great News.

  • Well done,great results,I like good news,and that's the best.xx

  • Oh emonty I want to celebrate with you so as it's not yet wine o'clock I will have a virtual glass of bubbly with you my love xx

  • That's brilliant news xx

  • Congratulations!!! I'm so happy for you!!

  • Great news so pleased for you x

  • Brilliant news... X

  • Oh, emonty - how brilliant. What good news. Thanks for sharing it. I am so pleased for you.

    Annie xxx

  • Fantastic news. Enjoy and savour. Here's to future good health x

  • Well done you 😊 how fantastic . Hope it's champagne not a bubble bath 😊. I too had my first mammogram after diagnosis and got clear results last week ..phew. it's a relief. Keep well and keep positive.xxx

  • Dear All

    Thank you so much for your kind words and joint celebration, it me and a lot.

    Much love to all of you

    Emily xx

  • Fab, fab, fab news!xxx

  • Great news. I had a bit of a hiccup earlier in the year and had more raditherapy but had results of a follow up scan 2 weeks ago and it was clear. It's a great feeling, isn't it xx

  • Just the best! Happy for you too.😊

  • Congrats brillant news delighted for you ☺🍸

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