I was dignoised with inflamerty breast cancer on.oct 1st 2015 after a clear mammogram in august 2015 ! The dignoised came from a core biopsy and a mri showed I had a 10 cm.tumor hiden behind my skin I was 45 the biopsy said my cancer was at least stage 2 maybe 3 grade 3 her 2 postive

I had 7 rounds of chemo and weekly herceptin til Feb and a mastcomy and lymph nodes removal in march results was all cancer was gone I have just completed 6 weeks of radiotherapy which I am.very sore and have lost of blisters and an infection I still am.on herceptin every 3 weeks until end January 2017 and hopefully a reconstruction next year

My husband was dignoised with kidney failure on 3rd of February completely out of the blue and is on home dialysis now will waiting for a.kidney

It has been tough but I took it in baby steps and am almost there now I have found this group amazing and really helpful thanks all

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  • I was diagnosed the day after you with stage 2 triple neg. One tumour turned out to be three. Three different lots of chemo, double mastectomy and lymoh node removal, radiotherapy which finished a fortnight ago (incl blistered burns etc) and in Feb hubby diagnosed with crohns and spent six weeks in hospital after having part of his intestines removed. Our situations are so alike. We are coming out the other end now and pray that our bad run of luck is over. All the best to you and your hubby. Here is to a healthier and happy lengthy future xxx

  • Sending best wishes to you and your husband for a healthier future xxxx

  • You have had it rough 💞 But onwards & upwards ... Keep positive ... Xxx

  • Thanks girls onwards and upwards

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