New and changing my own biochemistry

Hi I am new here and grateful for the opportunity to learn from others. My breast cancer was picked up from a routine mammogram. I got results yesterday after a lumpectomy and 1 lymph taken 2 weeks ago. I had a 12mm lump and some LCIS and all is gone now. Clear margins and no lymphs involved. ER+.

I have been researching hours and hours and am under a nutritional therapist so that I can do all I can to alter my body's environment to prevent this happening again. To me cancer is a symptom of other things that our immune system has let grow. So eliminating meat, dairy, flours, sugars and juicing a lot is my life now along with some supplements. Its encouraging that there are many people round the world doing this and getting great results. But this happened to me as I am travelling through England so, unfortunately I am missing the networks and real life people I hope to find once home again.

The really odd thing is I am feeling worse today AFTER the results than I have since I was diagnosed 2 months ago. I can't explain it other than I was holding it together and now I know what I have, I need to have a plan for the rest of my life and dealing with people's reactions as well.

Thanks for letting me get that off my chest! so to speak...

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  • Hello Jane. So happy for you that your breast cancer is cleared without chemotherapy or radiotherapy, great news!

    Letting go of your fears after having to hold them in and wanting to cry is what many of us have done, so let it out , we do!

    You save you are ER+ so are you going on tamoxifen?

    Good luck with your travelling and enjoy England. Where are you now?


  • Hi, yep there's certainly a lot of fear and I was holding that in. No, no plans for anything more. Am in Leicester for now but only another week or so probably


  • Hey, great to hear you had clear margins. I found moving on really tough, so it could be good to have some counselling. Breast Cancer Haven can help over the phone so could be worth giving them a call whilst you're travelling.

    Hope the sun keeps shining for your

  • thank you. I'll give them a call then

  • Hi Jane, was warned during treatment from local girls who have been through it that this would happen. At a time everyone expects you to be on top of the world cos your treatment is over and you've had the best news.

    Just seems to be part of the process and a normal reaction to what you've been through


  • Funny how things work out, expect the unexpected!

  • I like you have amended my diet, cut out meat diary and sugar, not heard about flour? I do have wholewheat everything.

  • Carbs turn to sugar once in the bloodstream. Grains should be avoided. Best to work with a nutritional therapist who knows you specifically

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