Hi, I have a quick question..

I had mastectomy in Jan after finding a lump of precancer, turned out there were two lumps of advanced cancer stage 2, had an Oncotype test and chemo followed.!

They have said I'm borderline as to whether I need to have radiotherapy, but should I have any scans before they decide this.? I have appt with radiologist next Tues (weirdly the same one my Gran had 20yrs ago - he's very good and not been allowed to retire lol).?

I'm a bit confused..which doesn't take much haha

Thanks in advance, I hope your all well xxx

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  • I would take everything they offer... They will either give you 15 or 19 sessions. I have the whole suite of treatment and the radiotherapy is fine, after everything else you have gone through.

    I had the whole suite of treatment and now cancer free.

    Take care xx

  • I was told mine was a single tumour, turned out there were 3 at stage 2. Chemo, double mastectomy, lymph node removal followed. After all this more chemo followed by radiotherapy. No scan between the last two. Take what they throw at you to get rid of cell. All rhe best with your treatment xx

  • Hi, I agree with other replies, have the radiotherapy as this will kill off any lingering cancerous cells. I had a single 3cm stage 2b tumour and I've had everything, chemo, mastectomy, radiotherapy, herceptin, tamoxifen for 10 years. See anything you are offered as another source of ammunition in your belt and you feel that you have done all you can to give yourself best chance of beating this. Radiotherapy does not hurt, at worst it Will look like you caught the sun in that area.

    Best wishes.

  • Thanks guys, I will of course take anything they throw at me, whatever it takes..!! Was just wondering really if others had had scan prior to radio.


  • I remember before my radiotherapy started in January, I posed question on here about scan prior to it but they don't, if you are having the radiotherapy, you will just have a planning scan for it a few weeks before. Tiny cancerous cells can not be detected by a scan. I could never get my head round this and silently wanted a full body scan doing but you have to trust any blood tests they've done etc....

  • Thanks, I'm struggling to get my head round it too but that's helped xx

  • it actually takes something like 11 years of growth for slow growing tumours to be big enough to show up on a scan

  • Hi Sandy. It depends where in the breast your lumps were and if the mammogram showed anything else. I assume they scanned your armpit? If they offer you radiotherapy, then the suggestion is you need it and I would take it if it is on the right side, if it is the left side you need to ask questions about affects on your heart before you decide.

    good luck.

  • Thanks, it was on the left side, I've had no scans at all since they did the biopsies before my surgery, but the surgeon said I had clearance in my nodes and surrounding tissue.!

    I will certainly be asking about my heart, had not actually thought about that so thanks xx

  • I didn't have a scan prior to radiotherapy either. Compared to chemo radiotherapy is a breeze. Just be sure to moisturise the skin daily as you get sunburn type effects. I used E45 which worked brilliantly

  • Hello. I'd say go for it. Do you what grade was your tumour and its size?

  • I had 2 tumours, both were grade 2.! I will definitely take everything the offer me 😊

  • When I was told I had breast cancer, and heard that if I have a mastectomy, I won't need any radiation, I asked to have my left breast removed but my surgeon convinced me not to.

    Radiation to the area of the left breast can touch both the heart and the left lung. If you were told you're borderline, I would talk with the team who is in charge of you.

  • I didn't have radiotherapy, but had left breast mastectomy and 3 lypmh nodes removed, chemo, herceptin, tamoxifen, now letrozole. Protocol for my tumour and node removal was radiotherapy if 4 nodes affected. I was offered opportunity to take part in trial looking at efficacy of radiotherapy for women with less than 4 node removal but I declined on the basis that I didn't want any more treatment than I had already had.

  • Hi I had lumpectomy, 2 nodes out, radiotherapy and now tamoxifen for 10 years. I had. CT scan prior to starting radio but this was mainly a planning scan so they could minimise damage to heart and lung. I agree with the other ladies, take what ever is on offer to beat it and have peace of mind that you've done what you can. Good luck x

  • I had stage two breast cancer with lymph node involvement. I had a mastectomy, followed by chemotherapy and radiotherapy. I would take everything they offer you. My feelings on it were, at least if I have everything and it did ever come back I'd know that I did everything I could. Good luck x x

  • Thank you everyone, it's made me feel more relaxed about the fact I've not had any scans before they decide if I need radiotherapy.

    I see the consultant tomorrow, but if they suggest I need I'll most certainly have it along with anything else they throw at me.!!

    Hope you are all well this morning xxx

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