letrozole - how to minimise the side effects

Hi everyone - I have been reading the tamoxifen posts with great interest. I have a weak oestregan receptor (3/10) and on balance my oncologist is recommending starting letrozole (I am post menapausal) which she says I will be on for at least 10 years. Side effects can be nasty though I don't know if I will get them. I am getting a bone density scan before I start taking them so I can monitor this over time. Has anyone any advice about anything else I can do to minimise the side effects? Thanks Bern

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  • I understand most patients with side effects are bothered appreciably less by them if they take their Letrozole in the evenings.

    You will need to take Calcium with Vitamin D every day. Your Oncologist will tell you a daily minimum to take of each of those substances.

  • Thanks Kewpie

  • cancer.gov/types/breast/res...

    If you follow kewpie's good advice over calcium & vitD you should also take vitamin k2. Vitamin D helps the body with calcium but leaves it floating around in the blood stream. K2 is necessary to get it to lay down in your bones precisionnutrition.com/stop...

    Diet and exercise are also paramount. You can pick up tips on each on chrisbeatcancer.com

  • I have been on Letrozole for over 6 years .. I found the side effects got easier to cope with as time went by .. I take calcium tablets morning & night .. I just had a bone density scan and they found my bone were good .(. In their words ) For a woman of my age 😂.. I also have found that since I started going to the gym ( I don't do anything drastic ) and I do tai chi .. This has helped .. Just go with it !! See how you go on.. And talk to your oncologist or breast cancer nurse .. Good luck

  • I take mine in the evening and walk as much as possible, on the plus side my hot flushes have decreased and I am sleeping better than when I was taking tamoxifen

  • I have been on letrozole for 4 years along with Alendroic Acid and ADCal. Started off feeling a bit light headed but not unmanageable and no other obvious difficulties since.

  • Thanks everyone for the info... Have done bone density scan and all is well, so starting tonight!

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