How many times do you lose your hair?

Hi all,just been for my 3rd dose of fec(only 1 more),feel rough but dealing with it.My hair has started to grow back only stubble but I was quite excited,I mentioned it to the nurse who administered the chemotherapy today and she says it will come out,I was slightly crestfallen to say the least!Has anyone got any thoughts about this please?Trivial I know,takes your mind off the other side effects though!😁,luv to you all,Vicky.x

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  • Once mine started to grow it never fell out again until i started a second different chemo. Im now on my third type of chemo (actually finished it today) and as this was a milder chemo it has started growing back nicely. No Vic1970 my exoerience isonce it has fallen out and starts growing back it stays there unless you get a different chemo and it happens all over again. You keep positive and dont let her negativity get you down x

  • Thankyou Lainey, that's what I thought. it's not that important but it would be go some way to normality!☺ x

  • And that is very important. Try as as much normality as possible but when your tired do rest. Listen to your body. Then when you have energy use it. Good luck with your treatment xxx

  • Hi Vic, I coldcapped so harder to gauge .. I had 6 fec and going by my eyebrows and lashes they continued to fall out until I finished (but I didn't lose them al!!) . Was told the red drug Epirubicin in the fec was the one that made hair fall. :( Hopefully yours will continue to grow though and prove them all wrong! Xx

  • Thankyou,haven't lost any eyelashes,brows slightly thinner though.Yes the nurse said it was the epirubicin that makes your hair fall out.Fingers crossed though.Good luck Nixh.luv Vicky.x

  • Once my starter to grow back it didn't fall out again and I still had 2 chemo left

    Once chemo was over my hair got thicker and thicker

    My eyebrows thinned they were quiet thin at the start and eye lashes didn't fall out

    Best of luck

  • Sounds like mine,thankyou.

  • I had FEC-T but I had surgery between the FEC part and the docetaxel. My hair started to grow back about 3 weeks after the FEC was stopped. I didn't lose any hair with the docetaxel. It's also grown back curly

  • I started to lose my hair after 1st round of fec it was all gone by 2nd one. once i started docetaxel hair started to grow back and its grown really well just came back brown when i used to be blonde

  • Thankyou that's exactly how mine went after first fec and last bits on second round -that's encouraging,I think it's going to keep growing now.cheers for your comments.luv Vicky.x

  • Just finished FEC x3 and lost a lot to start with but seems to have settled a little now.

    Just about to start the T part of chemo so will see what happens.

    Was the docetaxol side affects worse.??

  • Hi,I'm one fec behind you,I'm on my 3rd now,got one more then 4docetaxl like you.People iv spoken to say it's not as bad but different side effects,Sore mouth and ulcers joint pain,and fatigue bout not so much sickness and stomach problems.fingers crossed for you,please let me know how you get on.Vicky.x

  • O can't quite remember when mine started growing back nut I know it was before I finished Fec-t. I think it was after the 4th round bit it did carry on growing once it had started. Hope yours does too. Sorry about couple if mistakes but takes ages to start again xx

  • Hi all, I had 4 FEC then T 9 years ago. All my hair fell out between FEC 2 and 3 and didn't start growing back until well into the taxotere. It took a good deal longer before there was enough to cut into a short bob! I was really sick on for a few days after each treatment but tolerated T much better, though impact on my fingernails is still with me!

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