Jaccuzzi or not?

I had a mastectomy 3 months ago and am due to go on my annual holiday. What is the advice re jacuzzis? I have been advised that saunas/steamrooms are out of bounds but wondered if it is ok to sit waist deep in a jacuzzi? It is one of my few holiday pleasures but I don't want to be silly and invite trouble. I have not needed Radio or chemo (Thank God) My fear is lymphodema any advice would be great, thanks

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  • I really dont know - your best bet is to ring your breast care nurse, you coikd google it but that always raises scary stuff, so breast care nurse ot GP would be your best bet 🖒

  • As Lainey66 says, trying to google the answer can be a minefield - spotted this though on a Macmillan support chat page which I hope might help whilst you try and get advice from your breast care team. I would have thought the benefits you get from relaxing and doing what you enjoy will be worthwhile. I hope you have a lovely holiday community.macmillan.org.uk/...

  • Hi .. I think like the other reply that you are best asking your breast care nurse . I had a double mastectomy .. And was told to avoid steam, sauna & jacuzzi ! So good luck .. Enjoy your holiday xxx

  • Hey, I would agree with the others and avoid google but give your breast care nurse a call. Happy holidays when you get to it.xxx

  • Hi Pammyg I wasn't told anything regarding sauna,steam or jacuzzi. I only needed a lumpectomy plus radio so not quite the same. I didn't go to a spa until about 4 months after radio finished and only had about 5 mins in the steam and sauna rooms (trying to be sensible!) just in case it was a problem. I found the jacuzzi quite uncomfortable as it knocked my ribs too much so I think you need to be cautious in trying it. Have a great holiday though x

  • Never resisted any of them! Total mastectomy chemo etc and a lay Dorsi flap recon - always gone in all no problem!!

  • I only had lumpectomy and couple of nodes chemo n radio left it a while after treatments finished but do the lot love spa days massages had those at haven tried aspects of alternative therapies if it makes you relax its worth it may be a little more cautious initially Gavin had mastectomy but my friends had a double one and she does the lot also

    See how u go n enjoy

  • Hi Pammyg I have lymphoedema so avoid sauna and steamrooms because of the heat, but love the jacuzzi and other 'open' water features. I don't think the jacuzzi would trigger lymphoedema at all or be any more risky than swimming, which is really good for reducing swelling! Enjoy your holiday xx

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