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The wig is off!!!!!

Hello all, I took a big step this week and decided to go public without my comfort blanket known as my wig. After work on Wednesday I had my hair trimmed for first time, it needed it as was wild in places, and after he'd trimmed it (dishy hairdresser!), I thought oh what the heck, I'm stepping out as is, and I felt so liberated. I did the school run yesterday minus the wig and people either didn't mention it or they genuinely hadn't known that I'd been wearing a wig the last 10 months, I'd only told close friends and colleagues of my diagnosis. Anyway, I'm not wearing the wig any more, I'm embracing this new look and next stage of my journey and I'm going to donate the wig to the hospital next time I go as they have a sign up for doing so.

Hope you all have a good weekend xx

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Good for you ... Be proud that you have made the journey !!! Good luck xx 👍 💞


Excellent :) It's not easy. I made the decision that once my hair started falling out that I would just go bald. In the depths of winter I never wear a hat simply because I get far too hot with them - even as a child. So a wig was totally out of the question. That was 8 months ago, each time hair grows I start a new chemo which makes it fall out again - this time (3rd chemo) my eyebrows have gone too. However i have become so used to being bald that I forget I am sans hair 😂😂😂


You go girl 😀

I was half way to the chip shop last wknd when I realised I forgot to put anything on my head....I was not that brave and turned around to get my hat lol.!!



Good for you! I did the bald look too, just couldn't be bothered with a wig and it works wonders getting discounts on things!

Enjoy the liberating feeling.😃


Discounts?? None for me😞 I did get some free pink ribbon shoelaces 😄


Woo hoo congratulations! I still remember how I felt almost exactly 9 years ago. It is intensely liberating to move beyond wig, scarves or hats.

Good luck with your onward journey x


Wow! You go girl! Xx


I hardly ever wore my wig. I just do hats or bandana. I like the look of the wig but I am usually so warm and my head actually gets puddles of sweat. If my hair chooses not to come back then I will probably wear the wig more.


Thanks for all the positive comments. Its been nearly a week without wig now and I have had a few stares as my hair is really short, think Annie Lennox, and I took my daughter to park on Sunday where a little girl asked her gran why I had hair cut like a boy, I just laughed but gran was mortified! Lol, that's just kids.


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