Should I be concerned

So far, in my life, i've had 3 mammograms, cancer was picked up on first one, the next 2 cancer free, all 3 have been in the first Tuesday in September. On picking up today's post I've been invited for another mammogram in June, the leaflets they've put in are about helping you decide whether to have one or not and one about a trial that's running for people under than 50 or over 70 (doesn't relate to me, I'm 53), so bit concerned about it being 3 months early, can do without this worry as I had a check up at the eye hospital yesterday, got bug probs have to go back tomorrow, and potentially early next week,

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  • I think that is a general advice invitation that is sent out in bulk. If you are worried call the clinic/hospital and ask if this relates to your annual check or is it one of those mass 'leafleting' posts they send out. But don't worry, stress can cause all sorts 👍

  • Try not to worry this is just a generic leaflet that goes in the majority of mammogram invitations.

  • Our nhs send them out enmass and it is all done according to location of your docs.... I turned 50 last year and was invited from my "first" mammogram, just 2 months after finishing my treatment problem. Give them all callto put your mind at ease.

  • Go,it's better to be safe than sorry,a routine mammogram saved my life,I wouldn't to much store on the date,and observe all the notice to use hand gel,and good luck,hope all goes well,and you have peace of mind after.Xx

  • After my cancer diagnosis, I had mammograms every six months (in other words, twice) the first year. After that it was annually. If I were you, I'd first check with my insurance provider to be sure you're covered if you go more often than once a year. As for "whether or not to have one" goes, if you've had breast cancer, that's a no-brainer. Yes. Have one. Just reschedule for September unless there's a compelling reason why your doctor ordered it early.

  • I think sometimes we seek reassurance through patterns and coincidences and this is quite normal behaviour. The leaflet is probably just as the others say, a generic leaflet drop, but contact your breast are team for reassurance and try not to worry xx

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