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I've just joined this group . I have a lumpectomy on Monday this week 16 May at st. France's Hayle Cornwall, I had excellent care in everyway. I just like to say the nurses there gave out small heart shaped cushions made by Carnon Downs W.I sewing group to put under our arm for support. It's amazing I'm walking around everywhere with it under my arm. Without it I think I would keep knocking myself it's like carrying a teddy with you everywhere.

When I came round and started eating my jaw hurt and a sore throat but now I have a sore jaw on the outside under my ear has anyonelse had this?


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  • Sorry to hear you have a sore jaw, I hope it improves over the coming days, I wish you a continued good recovery from your lumpectomies, give yourself time to heal, and listen to your body, rest when you need too, laugh, cry when you want to, sending you love and hugs xxx

  • Awww....I've got heart cushion envy! Wish I'd had one. I wonder if your discomfort is related to the anaesthetic, I know my husband gets a very sore throat afterwards. Best wishes for your recovery xx

  • I hav that and it turned out to be swollen glands /nodes as I had picked up a bug and it was my system fighting it. It actually caused discomfort in my ear too. But if you are worried ring your doctor or the hospital you were am discharged from. Hope it is nothing to be concerned about. Lainey

  • The heart shaped cushion is so useful, apart from popping it under your arm, you can put it under your car seatbelt to protect the operation site, sit your iPad or book propped up on it. Many other uses. I suspect your sore through is from anaesthetic, I tend to get it. I hope all improves soon and as they say onwards and upwards xx

  • I had a mastectomy last year and saw these heart shape cushions in my local Haven. Picked one up and couldn't decide that they would be useful to me at all. Now, over a year later, I have just had a DIEP flap reconstruction and was provided with a cushion in hospital. Again, it didn't seem to do a lot in terms of actual support so I asked my physiotherapist about it. Bingo! Primarily, it is used to remind you to use your arm on the affected side in the correct manner! For instance, you are not allowed to lift you arm above shoulder height on the affected side for the first two weeks. You try doing that with a heart shaped cushion tucked in your armpit - you can't! Secondly, it is a source of comfort and protection for the injured side and even now, 4 weeks post surgery, it is most useful in the car to stop the seat belt pressure upsetting my new breast. Thank you so much for all the volunteers that continue to make heart shaped cushions, up and down the Nation!

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