Lumpectomy and lymph removal

Hi lovlies! I have just joined this group, and hope it will give me some helpful tips and support. I had my first ever mammogram in March, when they found a small cancer lump in my left breast. I had my surgery on Friday 13th May to remove the lump together with a lymph node/and biopsy under my arm. It was very sore to start, but is much less so now, and I am able to move around a lot more than I was. Today however I have felt completely wiped out and have only pottered. I guess it is due to the surgery? Has anyone else had a similar experience at all please?

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  • Hi Moo😊

    First ever mammogram, and Fri 13th, that is uncanny.

    I had the same surgery, followed by chemo and radiotherapy.

    It was sore and uncomfortable for a while, I was conscious of shielding myself

    from any potential knocks and surrounded myself with pillows in bed, in case

    I turned over in my sleep. I couldn't bear the thought of wearing a normal bra, so I bought a light sports bra from M&S.

    You will tire easily after surgery, be kind to yourself and go with the flow 😊xBeryl

  • Hi there. Everyone's experience will be different. I had a double mastectomy on 5 Jan and lymph node clearance on the left. I am lucky as I Have full movement and no pain, just a tightness of the muscle where it has to settle. It's still early days yet. I strongly recommend that you do all exercises that have been recommended. I can stretch, reach up and no limits in movement and I put that down to religiously doing the exercises. Lainey

  • Hi moo I had my 1st surgery in Feb and 2nd op in March I was tired for a while after that.I'm waitin to start radiotherapy on 23rd may.Make sure you do the exercises.Take care xx

  • Yes it takes time to recover and each day is different be kind to yourself x

  • Hi mo68,It hasn't even been a week yet,don't rush it,After I had my mastectomy,it took about 6 weeks to feel good again,my energy levels were low,but surgery does this to you.Im nearly back to normal now,make sure you do the exercises(I know they are hard) but they do help,do what you can,and rest when you need to,take care,and good luck.Xxx

  • hi moo had the same surgery jn February after finding a lump at my first mammogram. just finished 5 weeks of radiotherapy and now on tamoxifen I felt great some days and coped well throughout the radiotherapy. now I find I have very little energy have been told that this is normal just rest and be kind to yourself take care xx

  • Hi Megan don't speak to soon I read your on tamoxifen I have been on it 3 years hot flushes awful but you learn to live with them wish you well love and do take it easy x

  • No but I would like to help by offering my services of hydrotherm massage where we can loosen your sore muscles I am based in East London

  • Surgery can take a while to recover from, so don't push yourself. It's the emotional impact as well as the physical one. Build some extra time in the day for YOU and don't feel guilty about doing it. My energy levels have never returned to 100% and I started my cancer treatment 5 years ago. The most important thing is for you to feel ok, so listen to your body and mind and take that rest when you need it!

  • Take your time and listen to your body. As people above say do any exercises given by you physio, don't over do it, give yourself little targets and rewards

  • Hi moo, I've just joined this group too. I have a lumpectomy on Monday this week 16 May at st. France's Hayle Cornwall, I had excellent care in every way. I just like to say the nurses there gave out small heart shaped cushions made by Carnon Downs W.I sewing group to put under our arm for support. It's amazing I'm walking around every where with it under my arm. Without it I think I would keep knocking myself it's like carrying a teddy with you every where. When I came round and started eating my jaw hurt and a sore throat but now I have a sore jaw on the outside under my ear has anyonelse had this?

  • I had some pain swallowing after my operation, but I came to the conclusion (no help from the GP in this direction) that it was due to the tube they insert before the operation but after the anaesthetic. It will subside.

  • Yes I think you are right. I went into my surgery following a heavy cold and was told I would have a sore throat (again).

  • Hi Caroline, thanks for your response. How long have you been advised to take off work? They have told me 2 weeks, but doubting whether that will be long enough. Anyone else offer advice on this please?

  • Hi moo68

    Yes I've got 2 weeks off as well. Going to enjoy the break😃 Take it easy!

  • I was advised to have longer as i do a lot of driving and lifting equipment in my job. The Dr advised a month as not able to drive until I could do a emergency stop.

  • Thanks for your response brianna. I am wondering about taking another week as although I work in an office, I need full concentration which I am struggling with at the moment. Also still getting very tired too.

  • I found i got tired easily. I used to have a nap in the afternoon.

  • I can only endorse what everyone else has said, be kind to yourself, give yourself time to heal, sending love and hugs to you and everyone else embarking on this journey xxx

  • Thank you everyone for your lovely responses, I really do appreciate there is someone else out there! Hugs Debbie

  • Hi Moo68, I had exactly the same I did the exercise sheet I was given & was ok with that, mine was 1st mammogram & also had surgery on the 13th had to go back into surgery & that was 13th, started my chemo on the 13th, I now class Friday 13th as lucky because I'm now clear at present, if it hadn't been for the mamagrame I would not of known I had no lump or soreness, just listen to your body & rest when your tiered. Good luck with everything 😘

  • Thanks so much! I do hope I don't have to go in for more surgery! I had exactly the same, no lump, pain or anything - thank god for the mammograms!

  • No you should be fine, I only had to go back into surgery because mine got infected but it was all fine.😘

  • Bless you, that sucks! xx

  • Hi there had exactly the same as you first mammogram left side small tumour WLE and lymph nodes removed followed by radiotherapy no chemo thankfully made sure did my exercises about 3x a day . It's early days for you but we are the lucky ones!! Be kind to yourself rest enjoy life stay strong stay well ✊💞 I,m 10 years on and going strong xxxx

  • Thanks Janny, we are indeed the lucky ones. xxx

  • I had a bilateral mastectomy and all I wanted to do is sleep. I sometimes think the stress wipes is out more then anything. Luck to you. 😄

  • Bless you, makes my op like like nothing! I seem to be becoming more tired which I am sure can't be right! I get my results this coming Thursday, so we shall see.

  • I wish you the best.

  • Thank you.

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