Hi ladies. I am looking to have a holiday staying with my parents in Spain, once chemo finishes prior to radio (July😍). Apart from contacting Macmillan do any of you have tips on travel insurance companies and staying away in general after mastectomy. Obviously I will cover up. If u have any tips on products, etc fire away. Must say I do feel a tad nervous re flying and any complecations. Many thanks.

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  • I didn't have mastectomy but I did have bilateral lumpectomies :) . I went to Spain for a week during AC chemo last year . I was grand other than being tired . I just used factor 30 and wore a hat and long skirts and shirts . Had absolutely no problems or issues .

  • Thanks Val, I now have reason to get excited 👍 Xx

  • There are quite a few travel companies that specialise in Medical travel insurance. Stay sure, Allclear. Just type in medical insurance in Google. Normal travel insurance will massively load the premiums. Make sure u have ur E111 card when going to Europe. But have a lovely time and slap on that factor 50. (Just like u would on a baby). ☺️🌞🏊🏻🚅

  • Thanks Chris, EHIC card ticked off, ta for the tips x

  • Hi, I've just come back from New Zealand !! I'm half way through Herceptin and asked if I was ok to go I've had Masectomy last year and three surgeries in total , I was fine on my 29 hour flight lol . My chemo nurse did advise I took an Asprin everyday which really helped (no swelling of my feet or legs). I got mt travel insurance by simply going on Go Conpare I answered all medical questions truthfully and my insurance which the cover was brilliant came to the grand total of £29.00 !

  • I went to spain last year after all my treatment was done. I used Insurancewith for travel insurance. i had r/t so had to stay out of the sun. Just go and have a great time and do the usual...cover up etc. X

  • I travelled to Budapest half way through my TC chemo. I got insurance online. It was for next to nothing to be honest. Slap on the 50+ and have a ball xx

  • I'm iff to Cyorus in a few weeks and have done family travel insurance with insure with, they were great and it's very good price, enjoy your holiday xx

  • My advice is to go away & enjoy it! I went for a one month cruise holiday in USA & Caribbean when I finished chemo. Still had Herceptin and Anastrazole ongoing and I really got loaded heavily on travel insurance. I was also due more surgery for my breast reconstruction at the time of travel, so that didn't help. I tried all the specialist travel insurance companies and most of them would not even cover me, even though I had my tumour removed 8 MONTHS prior to holiday, so was effectively "cancer free"! All my treatment since April 2015 has all been preventative treatment to prevent the cancer returning. I was knobbled by my choice of destination. USA, combined with cruising, is the most expensive ever for travel insurance. Just to give you an idea I could have got cover for Spain for a month for £29.00 but my actual insurance cost me £750.00, with identical health conditions! They did say that once I had "finished my treatment and the further I got post tumour removal my insurance would never cost so much again". Nice to know. However, I didn't want to risk being so far away from home without cover so I paid up and had a fantastic holiday! Bliss to be away from hospitals and doctors for a whole month! I felt great and it was so nice to get off my 3 x weekly treatment schedule for an entire 4 weeks. My oncologist heartily approved that I went and some of my treatments were postponed to accommodate my holiday plans! Got back on the treadmill as soon as I got back to UK. My Herceptin will end in August 2016, my breast reconstruction has just taken place, so I really look forward to putting all this behind me and get back to my new (relaxed) lifestyle! Hope you have a lovely holiday and you have the reassurance of knowing that Spain is very close should you need to return to UK early for any reason. X

  • I have multiple health problems including Diabetes type1, hypertension and 12 years recovery from breast Cancer. I got my best resonable quote from Safesure.

    Have a good flight and return refreshed and positive.

  • If used allclear

  • Thanks Val, I now have reason to get excited 👍💐 xx

  • Thanks to everyone for the hints and tips and positivity. Although low in energy now it's starting to come together. Love to you all xx

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