Generally all went well yesterday. I had a bit of a wait at the hospital as the consultant wanted to chat to me πŸ™„ "oh the joys ... What now?" Β CMF was increased from two to six sessions 😞 The tumor markers in my bloods are 65, normal is 0 - 40. Yes others can and do have much higher numbers of markers but I'm 25 over 'normal'. My cycle is every three weeks. So in a further two weeks I will be spending Mon - Fri in hospital and home weekends as I will also be having 25 sessions of radiotherapy at the same time as my CMF. I have been told of the fatigue I will experience and possible other affects but hey ho it's a means to a positive ending. And yes... That vino will be waiting at the winning line :) The whole blooming bottle :) hope you have a good day ladies xxx Lainey β€οΈπŸ™‚

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  • All the best with your treatment. Like you say, a means to a positive end, a necessary evil. Stay positive and get the bottle chilling in the fridge. X

  • Oh Lainey. - what suffering! Wishing you the very best from Mountjoy Square in Dublin over this next phase of treatment. If you need or want a fellow traveller on this journey to share the vino when it ends let me know. Love Bern

  • Now Bern, that sounds like a plan in the making to me πŸ‘πŸΎπŸ·

  • Lainey, it amazes me how positive you remain, a true inspiration to all of us.!

    You keep that bottle chilling and enjoy it at the end xxx

  • You go girl , head up and eyes forward 😊 

  • Lainey, you just seem to be one of those that has to have everything on the ' menu'! Lol. I bet it seems never ending at mo, but it will, you just have another obstacle to climb to glimpse that finishing post. Keep on keeping on, all the best x

  • Hey there Cazlav. It certainly appears that way. Even the nurses are commenting on the amount of chemo I am getting. I have also noticed that my left scare is filling with fluid but according to the oncologist yesterday, he said that he didnt think that there is a need for draining, I can feel it swishing when I move *groan* it is quite a yucky feeling. It is creating a swelling beneath my armpit and it is starting to swell towards my back. I may just call in again and get them to investigate further. I am a little concerned that this level and amount of chemo is not ridding me of the residual cells as, as we all know with TNBC there is no acutal medical cure and chemo is what we rely on. It doesnt do too well to dwell on it as it plays havoc on your mind. So keeping busy is key. I have taken up painting and am enjoying it immensely. Hope all is well with you Cazlav. Keep on smiling :)

  • Lainey what do you mean by TNBC?

  • Hi Valerie

    I have Triple Negative Breast Cancer. So where as folk who have different strains of breast cancer and are given meds such as her2/herceptin etc. There is no medication as yet for TNBC. I and many others are reliant solely on chemo to kill off cells. Unfortunately it can be rather aggressive and has a higher chance of returning. It was because of this I had both breasts removed. Unfortunately, although 'technically ' cancer free due to the tumours having been removed, there were significant amounts of residual cancer cells found. There were a number of lymph nodes affected too. So as a result I had to be treated as though these cells had managed to get into my general system. Residual cells are those that are too small to be picked up on scans. Anything under 2mm cannot be seen on a scan. So I was given a further scan to ensure that these residual cells had not collected together and found anywhere else to settle in my body e.g organs or bones. Thankfully the ct scan was clear. AC chemo was then administered (4 sessions with a two week break between sessions). I then had a break of three weeks and then yesterday CMF chemo began. My bloods were taken and the markers they look for indicated that there are cells travelling around my system - the 'normal' reading is 0-40. Mine was 65. My chemo was increased from 2 - 6 sessions with radiotherapy to accompany it. I start the radiotherapy within the next two to three weeks. It is an ordeal but keeping busy and active and listening to my body and resting when tired all works. Having supporting family and friends helps to as does this very valuable site. I was chatting to the nurse yesterday and did have a bit of a "wobble" and aired my concerns that once my treatment is finished that I will just be living looking over my shoulder for this nasty illness to return. I have been assured that I will be closely monitored and scanned. That should anything appear, it will be dealt with - If it occurs. That medication is changing all the time and at this moment in time TNBC is being targeted in the research. (I have signed up to be involved for trials if it is at all possible) The hard bit will be trying to live without fear. It will take strength and determination and sheer positivity (which we know is very hard). Well that is my story. I hope I have not worried or frightened you with it in any way. But unfortunately this is my life at the moment. I have far too much left to do in this world, so letting this disease win is not on my agenda ;)

  • God no , not frightened at all Lainey ! I just wondered what it meant . I had lobular breast cancer in my left breast and ductal in right breast . I had 6 AC ( nearly killed me) I couldn't have taxol because I have transverse myelitis. ( don't ask ) taxol causes neuropathy and I already have numb feet from the transverse myelitis :) . My cancer was estrogen and progesterone positive so am on tamoxifen which is tough . I reckon we will always be looking over our shoulders at this horrible disease 😞😞

  • Hi Laney, a friend of mine's mother had Stage 4 Triple Negative and was given a few weeks to live a year ago. Hers has responded very well to the chemo and all she has left is scar tissue. There are so many great stories of recovery out there. Try not to be scared, she is having a great life now.

  • That is great to hear, some days no matter how positive I am, dark thoughts do get me down, and a fear creeps in. But I don't let it hang around for long 😊 xx

  • You go girl.. your great positivity is what is getting you through all this, and so practical with your approach.. Mine was not TNBC but a good friend is currently on a similar journey to you, and it's kind of full on, but they have to do that and then you get to be yourself again at the other end.. i'm also in Dublin so put my name in the hat for the bottle of wine! currently i'm out the other side of CMF , though i didnt have to have radiotherapy, i had a mastectomy last july, followed by 6 sessions of cmf , and had my follow up mammogram on other breast today. It never cost me a thought, ........ till i was sat in the waiting room and all the memories from a year ago came flooding back and i have been feeling nervous and worried ever since.. i won't know anything for 2 weeks as it was a routine mammo with no involvement from my original team. .. am on tamoxifen now for oestrogen suppression. My son and his friends are doing Hell and back next week in aid of BC research. i'm so proud of them. Hope all you beautiful ladies are having a lovely evening. xxxxx

  • Gracie I will indeed put you on the list. It will be fantastic to all meet up. I hope you have a clear mammogram and all is well. Can't wait to share the wine, and have loads of laughs πŸ·πŸ˜‚

  • Great idea for a meet up! Or we can all make the mini marathon in 2017 a goal 😊

  • Valerie.... Good idea but Are you trying to kill me off altogether? :D Im about as fit as ... well as unfit as Homer Simpson... Doh! lol.... Ill be at the end with the glass in my hand ha ha ha ha xx

  • I am with Lainey on the running thing - hugely unfit and never ran in my life... but maybe we could walk it slowly if the weather is nice? Definitely in for the vino after the mini marathon in 2017. I would be happy to host it - would love that.... Bernxx

  • Sounds like a plan to me πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Lainey, Cazlav, Valerie, Gracie, here's to clear mammograms and vino! Sharing in your fabulous optimism and love of life from Scotland xx

  • Feel free to join us lovesradio 🍹🍹

  • Sounds like a plan honey xx

  • Hi Lainey , my sentiments exactly. Due the results from my 1st year mammogram on Wednesday. Also TNBC. Think I'm ok as not been called back yet for any further investigations but who knows. You just live in hope. Will be celebrating if ok. Pity we all live so far away. Would be nice if we could all meet up. Here's to special friends 🍾🍸

  • Where do you live Chris? Good luck with your results please let me know how you get on. I heard from the hospital today and am in next Wednesday for my preparation for radiotherapy. Both CMF and radiotherapy will be run together. Oh the joys of it all. I just hope that this lot finally do the trick 😊

  • Hiya, I live just outside Chester. Hope everything goes ok on Wednesday for you. Keep in touch 😘

  • You are kidding, my family is in Colwyn Bay. Possible meet up when all treatment is over and I'm visiting them πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ vino may just happen after all Chris 😊

  • That would be lovely. πŸ˜€πŸ‘πŸΈπŸΎ

  • Chris chambers my 14 year old daughter is going to Chester in July for a week to sing in Chester cathedral . She is in the choir of St Patricks Cathedral in Dublin .

  • It's a truly stunning cathedral. Both my kids went to Chester University and it's where they hold the Graduation ceremonies. ☺️

  • Chester is only over there. quick train to the boat and one of us would pick you up at the dublin side :) .. i'm up for running the mini. would have done it this year but didnt register in time.. you dont have to run it either ladies. lots of people walk it, it's the craic on the day and the solidarity.. xx

  • Perfect. I will let you know when I'm heading over 🍷🍷

  • Oh Lainey I can't believe the rotten luck you have at times but you always look on the positive side which is great. You just have to dig your heels in deeper again lovey. I shall raise a glass for you 🍷. Stay strong Hun xx

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