Oh well - the start of CMF chemo today 🙄 Hopefully this will do the trick. Already had TC, then AC now CMF. I also start radiotherapy in my 2nd session of CMF. Exhausted will be an understatement. But, on the positive side - It's all a means to an end of cancer - Please God. Wishing all you lovely ladies on here all a lovely, healthier and happy day. Lainey xxx

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  • Hope it all goes well Lainey. Stay strong. Drink plenty of water. 😘

  • Hope all goes as well as it can and the side effects are not too awful...sending you many many hugs xxxx

  • All the Best to you, Lainey! You always give such helpful advice to other users of this site and now it is your turn to reap in some positives vibes from us! Your cancer journey sounds a lot more complicated than mine was. Big hugs!

  • Good luck Lainey wishing you all the good things ✊💞 xxxx stay strong stay positive xxxx

  • Sending you lots of love and hugs, keep a bottle of wine in the fridge for when you finish your treatment, and if feeling reckless drink it in one go, and ENJOY!!!! You deserve it xxxxxxxx

  • Good luck, keep strong and keep smiling xx

  • Wishing you the very best of luck Elaine - love Bern

  • Good luck stay strong kick cancers butt x

  • Thank you ladies for all your great support. It is truly appreciated. I'm posting an update for you all on a newer post. Thank you all once again. Xxx

  • Best wishes to you Lainey xxx 

  • Hope it all goes well a kicks the cells asses

  • All the best.  Be kind to yourself.  I tried to do one nice thing every day so when I look back there are good memories too.  From your picture I would say you are making a good start! Sending hugs.

  • Hi

    I had 6 sessions of cmf+ it was no bother at all really. Granted I didn't have any other chemo before this so was easier to deal with. However I did have a baby 3 weeks before starting so I was a bit weak- it was still ok. I believe it's the less harsh chemo of the lot.

    I finished in January+ my bloods are back normal again, my menstrual cycle returned and is very regular so far. My hair thinned a lot but I didn't lose it+ it's starting to grow back a lot now.

    Best of all-it worked. By the time I had surgery my tumour had gone from 3cms to less than half centimetre. 7 weeks post mastectomy now+ they got all cancer, no radiotherapy needed.

    Just wanted to give a positive story- I hope it helps make it a bit less daunting.

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