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Hi all, I had a mastectomy 9 weeks ago without re construction and I am using a 'sublime'prosthesis from the' hospital store cupboard' which I am finding heavy , sweaty and uncomfortable to wear.  I have an appointment in 2 weeks to have it assessed and as my time with the fitter will be limited I wondered if anyone had any advice e.g. would anyone know which prosthesis were available on NHS that could possibly be ordered for me rather than just taking what is available from the store.  I am not in a position to buy one privately and even if I was how would you know which would be the right one?  Even though I am 38D I am very short stature and the prosthesis I have been given bulges out under arm  on one firm hospital issue bra, and squeezes upwards  in my softer more comfortable post surgery bra.  As I will be stuck with it forever I need to get it right, so can any of you lovely ladies help please.

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  • Hi Pammyg. I am quite big busted (38E) and opted not to have reconstruction following my single mastectomy. My mum offered to buy me my prosthesis privately and I got it from a specialised bra shop. I chose one by Anita who also do mastectomy bras. There were different shapes as well as sizes so it's worth asking about that as you want to be comfortable and look symmetrical. I have found it really comfy and you can't tell I'm wearing it, I forget about it once I'm dressed. I hope you manage to find something suitable. X

  • Hi, I had mastectomy in Jan this year and was provided post surgery with a 'softie', it did the job until I healed enough to have a proper one. I am a 36g and I was fitted with a Natura Light 2s by Amoena and an Aqua wave for swimming. This was courtesy of NHS. It is huge and weighs about 2.5 pounds but once I'm wearing her (I gave her a name of Betty so that I would be able to relate to her) you cannot tell that I have a prosthesis. It takes getting used to but I have done now and I wear her with pride. Good luck with yours.

  • It doesn't sound like they've matched the prosthesis properly. I had my mx 2 years ago. My prosthesis is an Amoena Natura. People always say it looks perfect and they can't tell. I will say that if you get the right size prosthesis and the right size bra (your breast care nurses should help on both of these points), it shouldn't feel heavy. And you don't get stuck with the same one for life. If your body changes or the prosthesis wears out, you contact the breast care nurse, go back, and get a new one. If, however, you really can't get on with the silicon ones, there is a charity called "Knitted Knockers" who will happily send you "softies" that have been knitted by volunteers, completely free of charge. They do softies suitable for swimming too. It will take a while to find out what works best for you, but ask to try different sizes or shapes when you go back. 

  • Hi Pammy.

    I had a single mastectomy with axillary node clearance 13 weeks ago and got fitted by a specialist shop and then told the hospital the make, model and size of the prosthesis that they then ordered. I would suggest you telephone your NHS breast care nurse and ask for her support to arrange something similar. I am a 40F and also found Anita a good make but you need to come out of your post surgery braand get a slightly more structured one with a soft underband, post surgery bra are only designed to take the 'comfie' prosthesis.

     Good luck. X

  • at wigan a company come in to measure you and give you advice. ive had the rubberised one but also a softer one  that was covered in material and slightly weighted. go back and ask to be reassessed. and dont settle for something that makes you feel worse. its tough enough as it is. 

    there is a company called Knitted Knockers who knit your size. i had these but wish i had got a size smaller as they are a little bulky.  they are free and can go in the washer.

  • Hi , I also wear a prosthesis I'm 34dd I forget I'm wearing it too x my bras are from asda on line £8 each very pretty but also very functional x

  • Oh you lovely ladies! I was originally measured and fitted for first 'softie' then silicone prosthesis by a very experienced nurse fitter at the Western General. Appointments or just turn up are on Thursdays. Mine is a Silima size 5, my bra size is 34C. I think the Ameona web site has a chart that matches your bra size to prosthetic size. I wait for Ameona sales to buy bras and 9 years on I bought my first underwired pocketed bra, felt like a victory. I have needed one replacement prosthesis, it was about 3 years ago as my original one had gone 'bubbly' for want of a better word.

    I didn't know about the Asda possibility, are they pocketed already Sandy70 or do you sew in your own?

  • asdas are pocketed. i found in store they didnt have much choice so online may be better.ive just had reconstruction and 7 weeks on have worn my first bra from sainsburys £8  it has a very soft wires and is full cup so it covers all my scars even the huge one across my back. 

  • Thanks and good luck with all your future x

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