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What is wrong with me!!

At the end of next month May! I will have been in remission for 2 years, which I'm over the moon about, I'm taking Tomoxifen but what is wrong with me!! I'm so tired all the time! My energy levels are riding on 0... 

I'm also type 2 diabetic and because this the same year I got breast cancer!!

But by now after chemotherapy and radiotherapy which like I said was 2 years ago! I thought I'd get energy back!! 

Does anyone know how long it usually takes!!

Thank you in advance for anyone replying to this x

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Hi Suzie, I'm still going through treatment and am coming to the end of it May/June. I'm a teacher and would ordinarily be going back to work in September, my principal was expecting me back but both my GP and consultant have both stated that they will support me not returning to work for the next academic year. I teach children who are on the Autism Spectrum and the job can be physically demanding. They felt that I would need a good year to build myself up again, so I think you are probably still in the those stages. I hope this helps a bit. Lainey xx


Hi Suzie😊

You can read about Tamoxifen interaction with other conditions on 

I have a previously diagnosed condition, sometimes fatigue can be overwhelming🙄

If possible, go with the flow, if you need to rest, do it🙂

For peace of mind, speak to your practice Nurse or GP 😊 xB


Hi Suzie, fatigue can last several years. I am now two years in from my second cancer diagnosis. First time rojnd the fatigue lasted four years then just went overnight. Its just as bad this time but I have had support from an occupational therapist which has really helped. She taught me to stop and rest before I need to and that I shouldnt let my energy fuel tank drop below one quarter full. Its trial and error at first but really pays off. Dont finish the cleaning, pile of ironing ect. But instead do it for 20 mins then sit. You can do more after a rest if you choose.I still feel tired but can avoid feeling ill. :-) 

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Finished my second dose of radiotherapy 6 weeks ago. Have had no energy at all. We had a family holiday booked to Spain for a week. We have just returned and I found that I had so much more energy. We had our 2 year old granddaughter with us who was constantly on the go. I'm sure it is the sunshine and warmth which made me feel better. It will be interesting to see if my energy levels drop again now we are back to the cold weather and rain.

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