Beginning of the end!!!!!


Started radiotherapy yesterday that went well and the radiographer a were great and put me greatly at ease. Today, a real different story. Different team completely, seemed more interested in their surroundings. Couldn't get me in the right position implied that I kept moving although the one said I was in the position the other one had placed me in. Eventually they took X-rays again only to be told I wasn't in the right position again so we started over yet again. Shoulders and arms after 45 mins numb and cold. Must admit frustration got the better of me and I started blubbing not a good impression!!  Now out with red face having a cup of coffee trying to get warm and now the courtesy of general public asking me if I'm ok!!  Which I am now but felt very insignificant and yes violated today  hopefully it will go better tomorrow.  Got to stop running out of dry tissues!! Hey ho! 😪😩☃

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  • Hi 😊

    Let's hope tomorrow goes better 😊

    My first day was ok too, the second day appts ran late.  I was really worried afterwards, only one radiographer, the same meticulous measurements were hurried, it didn't seem quite as exact🤔

    From then on I had the same team, they were very caring, I dreaded the sessions because I had vertigo lying down and getting up😁

    Don't you worry about appearances, treat yourself to something nice 😊xBeryl

  • Thank you wobblybee! Feeling better now. Tomorrow's another day. If that quote was ok for Scarlett Ohara, then it's good enough for me too. Thanks for caring. Marilyn x

  • I think that I would have cried too, what a faffing about for you. I finished radiotherapy last month and as the sessions went on I did find that they found it more difficult to position me, I have an expander in and my skin over it had started to swell a little and this made one of the tattoos slightly out of line with the other. I can only think that because these departments see so many patients on a daily basis, they do end up seeing you as a number rather than an individual going through the hardest time of your life. 

    Sending you a hug. Xx


  • Hi. Thank you for the hug. Feeling more me now!  Onwards and upwards. Tomorrow is going to be good!!  You take care. Marilyn x

  • Well all I can say is fair play to you. I'm afraid I might have just told them their fortune. Won't be any harm letting hospital know about this. I hope your next one is better. Big supportive hug heading to you thus very minute xxx

  • Thanks Lainey. It's going to be good tomorrow!  You take care. Marilyn x

  • What a horrible experience. I have just finished radiotherapy. They couldn't have been more caing and concerned how I was feeling and whether I was comfortable etc. If you have the same experience today, I think the head of department needs to be informed. Hopefully it is much better today. A big hug coming your way

  • Hello. Your experience is not acceptable. Iwork in healthcare at a very senior level and would want to know if this had happened to any patient so thi gs could improve. Staff do forget the impact their attitude, behaviour and communication style has on patients and over the years these should be fine tuned with experience but that's not always the case, your feedback will help address the issue for you and many others so please put in a complaint via the Patient Advice and liaison (PALs) service.

    It's not about getting anyone in trouble but  reminding them of their duty of care, compassion, empathy and dignity of patients. You can make a difference by raising your concerns and PALs will forward it to the right person.

    Good luck xx

  • I had a very distressing experience during my first session of chemo.  It had to be halted, I needed 3 sessions of antidote, my wrist needed to be 'scrubbed' by a plastic surgeon and it took months to heal.  A line was put in to continue treatment.

    I did write and complain but I was told ' it was just one of those things that can happen'.  But I found it hard to accept that an experienced nurse who sat and administered the chemo, could fail to notice something was wrong before it was too late.

  • This is terrible but I am delighted to hear I am not the only one that happens to. Some days I go in and am in and out, other days are like your day. They always imply that it is me. There is s core group who are great but others come in and out are there some days and have never introduced themselves. After 5 weeks when one told me to lie still I was very annoyed as I had not/ was not moving and I knew what to do, whereas he had not introduced himself and was gruff. 90% of them are lovely and is really a case of grin and bear it. I have found that it is very difficult as lying naked from the waist up, I feel completely exposed, sometimes I am covered with a bit of paper most often not.  I have also found myself feeling guilty that their day is running late because of me.  I close my eyes mostly and try to imagine where I would much rather be. I only have a week left.

  • Please complain it is the only way things will improve. Go to your local healthwatch if you want someone to manage it on your behalf. Nobody should be exposed unnecessarily, it makes me very cross to read such awful experiences. 

    Help to make it better for others.

    Thanks xx

  • You poor thing,I've no idea what your going through,but you deserve better,let all your family and friends be kind to you,and like you said,tomorrow is another day,sooooo brave,and you are entitled to sounds so hard,can't believe how lucky I've been,good luck and I hope all goes well for your next session.Xxxx

  • I am so sorry you had such a bad experience ... It's very hard having this type of treatment .. Feeling vulnerable as well ... If it was me and it happens again with the same people I would say how bad I felt ! You need the best care not indifference xxx good luck , let us know how you get on xxxx

  • Hi Marilyn I cried during my first treatment because I was just so overwhelmed by everything that had happened. The team I had at North Staffs couldn't have been more lovely and caring. There were 2 days where I had to swop on to a different machine because of maintenance works and that team wasn't as caring but we're OK. My last treatment I cried again through relief I think plus it was my old team who were so lovely but there was a problem with the machine. They got me lined up but the computer screen froze for them so I had to lay for about half hour whilst it unfroze itself. They chatted to me through the camera throughout that time which was reassuring and at the end I got big hugs from them all.. I will say the further I went with my treatments the longer it took to line me up because you do swell a bit. Also towards the end I was getting some rib pain which just made it uncomfortable. If you feel that bad again please say something or as Emonty suggested contact the PALS team. Good luck, remember to moisturise and drink plenty water I got quite dehydrated. Xx

  • Feeling it for you...sorry you had to go through that uncaring clinical feeling...I had it at a couple of my sessions where i felt as if i was on a conveyer belt; but must say i had the same team after that who were really lovely yet efficient at the same time. Don't be afraid to mention it to them should it happen again...we don't need you be leaving all upset..youre going through enough already!..hope Monday's session goes much better for you..big hug😊💕KL

  • Thank you. I hope so too. :)

  • You poor thing. I feel your pain with this. I had a similar experience many years ago when I was first diagnosed.

    Tell them how you felt otherwise they won't know x x

    Kizzy x

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