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I had my mastectomy in November and was given physio exercises to do 3 times a day.  At first, I had pain in my left arm when stretching, but I did the exercises for weeks and weeks until I had no pain at all and had full use of the arm again.  Recently I have had pain again when stretching, even something as simple as reaching out to shut the car door.  I've started doing the exercises again to see if that helps, but just wondered whether anyone else has had this happen 

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  • I had a similar experience about 12 months after surgery. It all resolved with swimming and stretches. 

  • Thanks for the reply.  Seems like this is 'normal' after surgery x

  • Hi I had lumpectomy and lymph nodes removed 2 years ago.  Find I have to do exercises everyday, if I stop for a few weeks very quickly loose mobility of my arm.  Also go to yoga and try and swim at least once a week.

  • Thanks for the reply.  I had lymph nodes removed too.  I'll keep up the exercises x

  • I was told I had to do the exercises once a day for ever. I do them after my shower but I do have days when my arm aches and has limited movement x

  • Thanks for the reply.  I was given a leaflet with the exercises, which said to do them 3 times a day, but it didn't say anything about continuing indefinitely.  I've been doing them once a day for a few days and it is making a difference. It's reassuring to find this appears 'normal' following surgery  x

  • Think mine has got worse after radiotherapy too x

  • I re-read my leaflet a couple of days ago and it does recommend keeping up the exercises while having radiotherapy.  I must have missed that when I first read it!

  • I had my mastectomy a year ago and kept the surgery site very mobile so never experienced too much pain. However, my right forearm was numb between the shoulder and the elbow joint and I was assured this was "normal" and the feeling would come back "once the nerves had settled down". After five months it was still numb so I mentioned this to my natural health specialist (I always have regular osteopathy and accupuncture) and she was surprised I had not mentioned it to her before. By sticking a few needles in the right places I obtained a tingling sensation in the dormant muscles immediately and within a few days it almost went back to pre surgery status. A couple more acupuncture sessions (at three weekly intervals) has completely cured the problem. Amazing thought that, if I had done nothing about it, my arm would still be numb as the NHS did nothing about it, other than to state that it would get better on it's own! By the way, I did stop osteopathy for at least 9 months post surgery, whilst having chemotherapy etc. but am now back to regular osteopathy and acupuncture for routine maintenance of a long term back problem. 

  • That's really interesting abt the acupuncture and the numbness, thank you for sharing that, will look into it x

  • I have had great results with Pilates. I love it and find it mentally as well as physically beneficial. Good Luck.

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