Yet more chemo 😜

Yet more chemo 😜

Hi ladies, well I finished my A&C chemo on Wednesday, having already had T&C chemo followed by a bilateral mastectomy, I was supposed to have had a five week break before radiotherapy started, now it's a three week break before four sessions of CMF chemo to run alongside my radiotherapy. I know it's precautionary to ensure all residual cancer cells are gone -as we know it's only chemo that those of us with TNBC has to rely on. I was hoping that after this 'red devil' chemo would be at an end. I know I should not moan, but chemo does get you down doesn't it. Oh well onwards and upwards. I just hope that once this treatment is all over, this cancer never comes back.... Sorry just needed that rant... Night all, I'm off to try and sleep now. Sleep tight don't let the bed bugs bite xxxx Lainey πŸ€’

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  • I know the chemo is hard work, but let them throw all the chemo you can take at you. Triple neg is evil. It's the only option. Good luck, Lainey, beautiful lady x

  • I love your photo Lainey, there is definitely a naughty twinkle to that smile of yours! Chemotherapy stinks, no matter what type, it's a necessary evil and I'm sorry you have even more to get through. 

    Rant here as much as you need to, I think you are entitled to that much at least! 

    Now go and do something or buy something outrageous, daft or something that makes you laugh out loud.

    Take care xxx

  • Lainey you are doing well keep up the fight and that cheeky smile says it all take care x

  • Ah Ladies, thank you so much.  Your support and lovely comments have actually made me cry this morning, with happiness of course. I just feel quite low at the moment. Thank you all for being here. xxxxx

  • What a lovely picture. You rant and shout as much as you like. Thinking of you and sending lots of love. Hear to listen whenever you need it xxx 

  • You are amazingly brave, hopefully the side effects won't be as debilitating as the previous chemo and that you'll be able to look back and think that it was worth it. I found the radio therapy wasn't too bad, it makes you tired so look after yourself.xx

  • Thank you Mama48 and Saralouise. I don't know what is wrong with me this last week, just having one of those low times. Your support and lovely comments do lift me. Thank you again. xxx

  • Hello good on you did you sleep ! I'm going for five year check up next month , and hopefully come off tomixfin xx

  • Thankfully I did sleep πŸ˜€ All the best for next month, do keep me posted xxx

  • I love your shoes Lainey!

     You can do it, you are a strong lovely lady.

    We are all here for you πŸ’™ xxx

  • Sassy shoes have become my trade mark - cancer kickers πŸ˜‚

  • Brilliant photo Lainey x

    You rant away as much as you like, it's what we're here for.! All you can do is keep fighting this horrible disease...I was listening to some music the other day and some of the words stuck with me "we're all under the weight of living" (it was a group called Bastille - I love them).!

    Hope the side effects of the next lot of treatment aren't too difficult for you, sending you lots of positive vibes and hugs 😊

  • Thank you Sandy, positivity and hugs right back at you too xxx

  • Love the photo you look full of spirit. Keep that spirit fighting, keep on ranting . I was so unwell with Chemo i had to stop at 4 so i do feel for you. Take care x x

  • I don't get too down very often but this past two days haven't been great. I hope all is going well for you Jacks xx

  • This cancer thing is a shit. Keep fighting, keep strong, keep smiling and keep in touch with us all. Good luck xx

  • Indeed it is Rattyp. I'll keep up the fight as must you, and deffo keep in touch πŸ˜ŠπŸ€’ xx

  • Team kick cancers butt :-) xx

  • You rant away .... We all need to vent our frustrations.. Fears ... Anger .. And relief.. Does a body good xxxxx

  • Hi Lainey, you look like such a strong person, stay strong and you will beat this, looking forward to seeing more pics post chemo xx

  • Great photo.  Stick that on your fridge to remind you how far you have come. You look fantastic. I don't know about the other chemo but I had CMF X8 every 3 weeks and though I hated it it was actually (from what I hear of other chemos) not that bad. I got about 10 days of feeling normal,  didn't lose my hair and the anti sick meds did their job pretty well. Alongside radiotherapy you'll probably be dog tired but you know wehayyyy in a few weeks it'll be all over and you'll know you have thrown everything including the kitchen sink at it. You're entitled to a down day. Spoil yourself with something nice and try to look beyond all this at the fab Sumner we are going to have.  Xxxx 

  • Thank you Gracie πŸ˜ƒ I'll be getting 4 sessions 1 every 8 days πŸ™„ I sure hope that there is one amazing summer after this πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ stay strong and thank you for your support xx

  • Hi Lainey,

    This is a difficult journey to be on. There  is zero expectation of constant cheer and perkiness. Rant til you're done. Do something relaxing for yourself and exhale. Thinking of ya!

  • I cannot thank you all enough for the amazing support this last 24 hours. You have all certainly contributed to my more chipper mood. Sometimes it just gets you all fed up and I was having one of those moments 😜😜😜 positive vibes, love and hugs to you all. You are all amazing xxxx

  • Hi lainey

    Just catching up with everyones comments saw you have had a bit of a low day and all the lovely comments to keep you motivated

    I just want to add to all those you are amazing and you will keep going cos you have to and want to i had a consultant i worked with who said chemo was the belt and braces and  i was glad i was gettin it .like you say tnbc needs everything throwing at it and you are surely gettin that 

    Youve had a good dose and probably its a bit worse now u know what to expect 

    You are entitled to down days they are good for you my consultant told me she would be more concerned if i never had  a good crying session and i did feel better for it and still do im sure its the same for you

    Good days .bad days and really shitty days bring them on keep strong

  • Absolutely spot on there :) I ended up having a visit from my bestie and she motivated me to get jobs done that I had let go - paperwork, insurances etc... so got on top of a lot and feeling much better for it. Building back up to my usual self. :)  Happy out xxxx Thank you Nicholjac xx

  • Hi Lainey so sorry to hear you've had a few rough days, cancer is an absolute bugger that needs crushing. You photo made me smile you are such an inspiration so rant away whenever you want we're here for you. Stay strong lovely lady x

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