Hi, I have just read a piece on Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome and it accurately describes the pain I have been getting. I'm now 6 months post op. I just wondered if anyone else had heard or suffered from it. I'm due to see my consultant in two weeks due to complications with pain and possible infection, and get more tests done to rule out reoccurrence. But after reading about PMPS I've a feeling it could be that, well fingers crossed its something easy. X

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  • Hi what kind of pain? I am suffering rib pain around my mastectomy area and all my bone scans are clear. Where did you read the article please? X

  • Hi, it was on the pink ribbon site on Facebook. My sister tagged me in.. I also googled it. It's weird how I was doing so well but then started getting sore, I put it down to me doing more and my family said it was cause I was doing to much, but I've been taking things easier and not doing as much and I'm still sore. It goes between stabbing pain to a throbbing heat, which goes around the side of my boob and over the top. I'm going to ask my consultant. It's given me a bit of relief as I was getting really worried. I hope your ok. Xxx

  • I am a Board member of Challenge Breast Cancer Scotland and one of our objectives is to get proper support and treatment for women with PMPS. This includes acknowledging that it is real, can last for years and does not really respond to a couple of paracetamol. It's quite difficult to find data on the numbers of women experiencing PMPS as so many are 'fobbed off' by their health professionals. Good luck with speaking to your consultant.

  • Thank you, I'll let you know how I get on. X

  • Hi. Appointment went really well. Got all clear. He also said he could refer me to pain clinic, but I don't feel I need that. It's helped just knowing about it.. Put my mind at ease.. Xxx

  • Hi - I am getting a lot of pain post mastectomy- had mine 5 weeks ago. Paracetamol had no effect. I have been given more effective painkillers but don't want to take them forever - I would love to know more about this pmp. 

  • Hi. I was on a cocktail of pain killers for 4 months after my op, but I also had a huge abscess that I had to have packed on a daily basis. Give yourself time and don't suffer. You'll know when it's time to reduce them. The weird pain I now get only started about 6weeks ago, and it comes and goes. I feel it more after I've done some cleaning. 😏 Hopefully you'll start to ease up soon. Take care. X

  • Thanks for this Tracey - makes me feel a little better - I am not having a happy time just now - redness has appeared around the wound and it is not an infection - the cancer had reached my skin in the form of a rash before surgery - I am terrified it is back. Seeing the consultant on Monday....

  • I am seeing mine tomorrow and will hopefully get an ultra sound tomorrow to check out the lumps they have found. I'm hoping its scar tissue, but it's always n the back of your mind is it cancer again. I'm trying so hard not to worry but it's not easy.. I think it's always going to be a fear.  Please let me know how you get on... Take care. X

  • Good luck to you too Tracey - keep in touch. Bernx

  • Thanks Bern, well it was great news. It's just scar tissue, phew... I also asked him about Post Mastectomy Pain Syndrome and said it described my pain accurately. He offered to refer me to the pain clinic but at the moment I don't feel I need it. It's actually been easier since I read about it. Put my mind at ease.. Good luck for Monday, I hope you get the same good news. Xxx

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