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Recently joined and wished to introduce myself. As my super creative name suggests, I am a grandmother to beautiful one yr old twin girls. I also have a 23 yr old son who is a walking, witty piece of my heart outside of my body! 

I'm also a monster fighter. Diagnosed with Stage IV BC Feb 2012 at which point I was skin and bones, could do nothing for myself. My docs expected me to die and frankly I was ready but God had other plans. By May I was going strong and have celebrated  life each day since...working, traveling, moved into a lovely home, spending and appreciating time with loved ones. My last scan showed significant growth in a liver lesion. Apparently this next chemo, ixapbepilone, is the last obvious option and starts Tues. Scary (understatement of mammoth proportion)! 

Any prayers, good vibes directed this way will be wholly embraced! Online communities are a true god-send. To be able to communicate with others also on this journey is priceless. 

Prayers and healing vibes from me to you ❤️

Thx for listening...Denise

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  • You sound like a strong ,inspiring woman !! Just keep positive ... 💕

  • Thanks Mandy. 🤓 Cannot last without that mindset that's for sure!

  • Hi There Denise

    I have found this forum to be a God send. Just being able to read and respond to posts or to post a question and recieve  a reply really makes me realise in it alone on this journey. It is great to have my family, friends and colleagues support me, however having this cancer and the ensuing journey is lonely on a whole new level. I'm sending you huge positive vibes and a massive healing  hug and wish you a roaring success of a recovery. It's scary but together and God willing we will do it ... Lainey ❤️

  • These boards are a sanity saver. Thank you Lainey.  ❤️😊🤓❤️

  • Hi Denise😊

    You're like a breath of fresh air with those uplifting comments😊  What a lot of living you've fitted in since your journey first began😊  I'm probably similar age to you but as yet have no grandchildren,  the girls must be an absolute joy, I can see their picture😊 I have lively son too 😊

    I'll be thinking of you on Tuesday,  and sending positive thoughts your way😊xB

  • Hi Wobblybee,

    Lawd the stories I could tell. lol I have been seeing an acupuncturist since 2006. She says the girls are literally good for me....confirming what I already knew. 💕💕 

    How's your son handling your illnesses? That's a concern of mine. Just touched based w/him on the subject earlier today. Do that from time to time. He's my only and we're close. 

    So appreciative of the positive thoughts! No person is a meant to be an island. We belong to each other. 


  • Denise, my son is the silent type, very deep if you know what I mean😊  But he's very sensitive.  I should have added, I also have a daughter😊 They both rallied round, and can be relied on for support😊 Common ground unquestionably brings people together😊 Please give those girls a hug for me😊xBeryl

  • Beryl I do know. All we can do is be available to listen. Family is everything. I'm so glad yours is supportive. Haven't seen my lil ladies in a few weeks. My immune system is low and everybody was sick so I've had to stay far, far away. 😕

  • Hi Denise, welcome to the group, I've found this group to be immensely supportive.! You sound like a super strong lady, sending you lots of positive vibes and will be thinking of you on Tues.! 

    Sandy xx

  • Thanks Sandy! Taking in the vibes for sure 🤓

  • Hi Denise keep on with that monster fighting spirit you truly are an inspiration to us all , sending you positive thoughts and hopeful prayers ✊💞

  • Thank you much  Janny. I'm going to need it all!

  • Hi Denise

    Sending you hope of strength and positivity, great pic, has a warmth about it xx 

  • He is my man/child and he's loved ridiculously. Lol A pic is worth a thousand words. Thank you for your encouragement. 🤓

  • A inspiration,stay strong,and good luck and best wishes.Xxxxx

  • Keep fighting strong lady prayers and good vibes being sent to you 👍

  • Dearest Denise

    You are an inspiration! What a wonderful and beautiful photograph to share, thank you. 

    My heart goes out to you along with buckets of love, positive fighting vibes and happy times. 

    Emily xxx

  • Emily, buckets! Yes!!! Thank you. 🤓

  • Wow, you are an amazing lady, stay strong, see your grand daughters grow up, sending lots of best wishes love and hugs for tomorrow, also to anyone else going through a similiar journey xxx

  • I can only reiterate what everybody else has said. You are obviously a fighter and those reins will keep you going if nothing else. Being a grandparent is wonderful. All the very best and lots of hugs x

    P'S.  where I wrote the word 'reins' it should be twins but find that once I have an incorrect word, I cannot go back and change it!! Not sure whether it is a problem with my phone or the site - does anyone else have the same problem? 

  • Yes I also have this problem of not being able to go back and change mistakes unless it pops up in predictive text on my iPad. Frustrating at times! Good health Chrissie

  • Hi lovely lady X you are an inspiration to us all X your positive energy comes across and I love that X I'm an upbeat positive person and I really do believe it works X keep well and happy and good luck with treatment X prayers and healing vibes right back at you ❤️

  • You are amazing! Keep positive, enjoy every day. My prayers are with you. Xx

  • Hi such lovely picture x

  • Hi sassyGigi,

    You sound very strong !best of luck tues positive vibes and hugs coming your way.😘


  • Thx mags4 🤓. Absorbing!

  • I'm stage1V too. Have been for 3 years now. Living a full life just taken up golf and planning trip to Vegas in November so my advice is keep making plans and goals. Wishing you every success with forthcoming treatment loads of happy vibes headed your way x

  • Anniejac doing the Snoopy dance for my head anyway. I'm so happy for you. You are living life! What a blessing to be able to be so active! Taking in the vibes...

  • Thank you all soooooo much. ❤️ Gonna meditate a little then off to bed I go as appointment is early (I'm so NOT a morning person). 

  • Hi Denise what a beautiful picture of a beautiful lady. I'm sure you son is good support to you. I too have 2 little granddaughters 8 & 6 that got me through my treatment because they brought a bit of normality to each day plus at the start of my treatment my daughter found out she was expecting no 3 so what a boost and positive start. I wish you well. Live for the moment don't put off doing anything you want to do that what I've learnt. Good luck with your appointment keep us posted and stay strong xxx

  • Hi honey love and thoughts to you as you take on this next life challenge. Draw your loved ones close around you.

  • Denise you have been through a lot bless you , hope it all goes ok. Take care

  • Greetings All! Treatment was uneventful. My 81 yo dad took me. His presence is always calming. Love that man! Today SE came crashing in. Will look for that new balance. Ugh...

  • Prayers sent from here.  Love and (((hugs))) to you.

  • Prayers sent to you. God is all powerful and is in control. Trust in a full recovery. 

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