Hi to all. I'm seeing my breast surgeon on Monday to talk about reconstruction and possible mastectomy on the other side. I had my first mastectomy and nodal clearance in June 2014 and had a skin saving implant put in at the same time so I have skin there already. I've decided that I would also like to have the other breast removed as well. Has anyone got any advice on the type of reconstruction may be best for a bilateral mastectomy? I'm worried that the shoulder flap on both sides would be too much as I already suffer from pain in that area. The idea of the fat being taken away from abdomen is appealing but it is a longer recovery. Decisions decisions xx

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  • Hi. ive had a double mastectomy with reconstruction using implants im  diabetic i had problems with healing and the implants had to come out 6 weeks later. i had to wait 3 months for a 2nd attempt and have had the back flap surgery on one side with a small implant .. and an implant in the other(non radiotherapied side). this is half inplant and half inflatable that is permanent. it has a port in that is uncomfortable if i touch it. the back flap surgery was 3 weeks ago and i am pleased with the shape.. once the scars fade. its 3 to 4 months til i can have nipple reconstruction them a month after the tatoo. my back is very sore at the moment and im restricted in movement altho i have done the physio exercises. the surgery scar on my back is a straight line. ive had it drained of seroma 3 times. the main thing is that i look normal again wearing a bra. the feel of my breasts is softer than before. my advice is not to go too big with the implants. 

  • Thanks for your reply. I'm pleased to hear that you are recovering well and that you are pleased with the result. I'm thinking of just having an implant on the side I have already had done and then possibly the tummy flap done on the other.

    I'll see what they say tomorrow.


  • I am also waiting for reconstruction and have decided to have the other breast removed. After much deliberation I have decided to go for the diep flap, bonus of having a tummy tuck at the same time !! Good luck with your decision x

  • Well that was my thought as well!! I've lots of people offer me theirs 😃  Hope it all goes well for you xx

  • Me too lol and ty xx

  • Hi haven't had recon yet, but planning on having a diep also. Am waiting for appointment to see plastic surgeon. Am also having the other breast removed as MDT recommended it as was classed as high risk before I was diagnosed.

    At times I have a wobble and think I don't think I can go through with it ... but will see what the PS says. The results are superb, (have seen lots of pics!) just don't want to think about more surgery now treatments over, especially as the recovery period is so long... 

    Have to wait 6 months after radio before they''ll do a recon. So am looking at Sept/Oct at the earliest. I didn't want an ld flap as play netball and thought my arms/shoulders would be weaker. 

    Just keep reading horror stories about a diep recon 😔.... 

    Anyone out there have one and are happy? 

    Nix X 

  • Hi thanks for your reply. One of the reasons I'm not keen on the LD is for the same reason.

    Unfortunately no surgery is without risks and as long as we do our bit to help the recovery along then we can do no more. It sounds like you lead an active life so I'm sure you would recover quickly. My surgeon didn't want me to think about any more surgery for a year to give myself to recover from all the treatment and the cellulitis I suffered. It was good advice and I'm pleased I waited and now feels the right time to go on and get the recon done.

    I don't think I'm going to bother with any nipple tattoo etc - nobody sees them anyway!!! For me it is more about getting rid of the other breast so I don't have to spend my life worrying about it and being nice and evenish!

    Good luck with your decision


  • I have been told I have to wait 12 months too which takes me to jan next year. I feel the same abt the other breast and to be honest, I have already detached myself from it, just want rid. Good luck x

  • You to x

  • Is  tough generally having to make these decisions isn't it! Yep can't wait to "get rid of" my other breast as well... it just feels like a ticking time bomb to me.... Had always planned to have the surgery all in one after diagnoses, but had one node involved so rx was recommended was my choice to have but wanted to do everything I could. 

    Does sound like the right time for you Dm, hopefully we can get it done and dusted soon, (January will come around fast Ratty). Was offered nipples too, not just tattoos (dog ears left over from abdominal scar apparently lol) not sure if I'll want to go through the process will see how it all goes. Have been told I have to be able to do 100 + sit-ups a day before surgery!!! Gulp 😂 

    Good luck With yours too D 👍🏻

    Nix xx

  • 100!! Best get in training 😳 It was quite funny when he asked when he asked if he could look at my  tummy to see if there was enough fat and just says with a smile "You'll be fine". He could have told a little white lie!! 😀

  • i had the ld flap and am confident i will swim myself to fitness as soon as i can. 3 months recovery. i couldnt have the tummy tuck diep as im insulin dependent diabetic so too risky. im happy with the results so far.. only 3 weeks since op. i just have to rest and let my body heal. physio helps too but i sometimes dont do the exercises as i feel a bit low with it all its been 2 years since i found my lump. 

  • I know the feeling abt being low, it's a long road x

  • I am scheduled to have my implant put in on July 25 with fat grafting

  • Hi Dmhaynes, I had a DIEP flap a year ago and my advice to you is to think long and hard about it as it is a VERY big operation!!  And also research your surgeon thoroughly - I only had one choice!!!  A DIEP was my only option(long story) so I didn't have a choice other than no reconstruction. It's taken me the best part of the year to actually like my body again due to all the scars but I'm getting there.  

    It was a much bigger than I was led to believe but the positive is that my breast is very natural to look at and feel. I do love having a breast again and it does look great under clothing. 

    Best of luck with it all....

  • Hope today went well and you got good advice from your breast surgeon x

  • Thanks. It went well I'm being referred to another surgeon who does the tummy flap reconstruction. He understands why I may want the other breast removed but my chances of it going to the other is slim as not genetic. So I'm thinking about it. He would make sure that I'm evened up!! X

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