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Hi guys, hope you are all having a good day and feeling well today.!

I had my first FEC treatment yesterday, guess it went ok considering, felt a bit nauseous in the afternoon and evening so went to bed to sleep it off and feel much better today.!!! I did not last with the cold cap therapy, I managed a whole 5mins (but only lasted this long as the nurse and hubby left me at the same time lol otherwise it'd have been 2mins) haha, blimey it was cold 😨😨😨.! So I shall be rockin the bald look shortly, have a couple wigs/scarfs ready but it's taking a bit of getting used to for family...


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  • Well done, hope it continues well for you x

  • I was tempted to try the cold cap, well done🙂  My pic here still shows my red wig from the £1 shop🙄  Although I did get a proper wig as well.  It was winter and  I ended up wearing various woolly hats instead.  Even indoors I felt cold without any hair,  especially when in bed, so I got a lot of use out of crocheted beanies🙂

    My hair had been straight and fine.  It grew back curly, although the colour was the same 🤔

    I was given extra anti nausea medication, it worked.  Mine was also 6 sessions but before the last one my Oncologist said I could forgo it.   Just call it a day if I wanted to.

    This threw me, I was sorely tempted to say yes but my husband was ready to argue for it, so I went ahead.

    According to this particular Oncologist (at the Freeman Hospital, Newcastle) there is no evidence to confirm having 6 sessions makes any more difference to 5.  It wasn't helpful to be told this just prior to the session.

    Rest when you need to, best wishes 😊xB

  • I've had my hair cut short in preparation and already my ears feel cold all the time.! I have 2 wigs one very similar to what my style was and one completely different  (long and blond I love it).! I adored your red wig, looks brilliant x I've also just been looking at some bamboo hats.!

    I can imagine how being told you don't need the last one would throw you, you prepare yourself mentally, it completely threw me when they changed the date of my op and then the start date of chemo.!!

  • I had my second FEC 7 days ago, really suffered 5days after the first round. I spent 2 days in hospital. This time round it has been easy ( hope it lasts ). My advice is to listern to your body, if you need sleep then sleep , remember to drink plenty of fluids. I have one more FEC and 3 T's to go. I wish you well with your treatment

  • Thank you, I'm definitely learning to listen to my body through all of this, I've found today tea with sugar in has helped with the nausea..

    I'm glad the 2nd has gone easier for you and hope it continues xx

  • Hi,

    I coldcapped and you're right it's freezing, can't look at ice lollies in the same light any more! Not sure what got me through prolly my son getting really  upset about the fact that I'd be bald spurred me on. I thinned loads, but 2 months on from my last chemo and I have a full head of hair, all thin spots have filled in... thought I'd say it does work if anyone else is thinking of trying but I know it's not for everyone.

    Look after yourself Sandy, and good luck with the rest of your treatment 😊 xx

  • I spoke to a lovely lady the week before who was on her 2nd go of using and she said it was manageable for her, but I'm completely honest I'm as nesh as they come, can't stand being cold.!! But saying that, if my little boy was upset at the thought I think I'd have pushed harder, I'm lucky he likes my new wigs and my scarfs..

    I have heard that it works, and would not want my comments to put anyone off trying it.!!

  • Hi Sandy. I started off in October on T & C chemo and lost my hair. Due to severe reactions it was stopped after three and my surgery brought forward. I then started A & C chemo six weeks ago and had my third yesterday. Once again I am shiny bald. I used wooly caps in the winter but support a bald head normally uncovered. I do get extremly warm and tend to sweat profusely. However being bald has not bothered me or the family at all. Basically it's par for the course. I have only one more A & C chemo to go and have a five week break when I will then have 25 radiotherapy sessions and two CMF chemo sessions. I enquired if this chemo will result in hairloss and was told it will. So have decided to stay bald to the bitter end. Then I will start growing my hair all over again. Good luck in your treatment and may any side effects be minimal ;) 

  • I'm a bit nervous about going bald at the moment I'm sure once it happens I'll be fine, my eldest who is 5 is already tugging my hair every so often to see if its coming out yet lol 

    I wish you all the best in your treatment xx

  • I will admit, after my very first chemo I was told to expect my hair to fall out within 7 - 10 days. That was spot on for me. I was typing up my blog, and the front of my head started to itch. I scratched my head to see my hair fall out. There was still a lot firmly embedded but too much falling out to just leave it, so my daughters friend who is a hairdresser came up and shaved my head. At first I was a tad self conscious. However, now, I go out forgetting I am bald. It's all part of me, my fight and recovery. You can see my journey on my blog elainemurphy66.blogspot.ie. If your little one is involved, as in being on "hair loss watch" your hair loss will be expected and come as less of a shock,  my two nieces aged 5 & 7 donned swimming caps to look like me lol. Then took pleasure in moisturising my smooth bonce. We have had lots of laughter. My own children are much older and have taken it in their stride. Nothing makes you prouder than when two teenage sons and a daughter in her 20's put their arm around you and tell you that you are beautiful. I hope you manage well and have as much support as I have. All the best in getting over this 'speed hump' in your life's journey. xx 


  • Hi Sandy. Lots of luck for Fec T we all respond differently but there are lots you can do if you feel groggy and I know others will tell you the same but if, and it is only an if, your temperature goes 37.5 celcius or above please go to A&E immediately do not wait or take paracetamol.

     I have a blog that may help make you laugh at times and help you not feel so alone: 


    I am so glad your first one went well, it is weird waiting for something to happen isn't it? I found that a prescription for Omeprazole helped with some nausea that was related to indigestion on top of metroclopromide. 

    I also found a local support group very helpful for tips and tricks in addition to the laughter from them .

    Once you are through chemotherapy then rest is so much easier.

    Sending you positive vibes.

    Emonty x

  • Hi, I had a read of your blog when I saw you mention it in another post, I loved it so will definitely be visiting it again.!

    Thank you for your advice, it was strongly advised at the hospital to ring if temp hit 37.5 and not to take paracetamol, so will be keeping an eye on my temp.

    I go to a meet up on a Tues morning, we go for a short walk and then coffee and cake after, they have been emensley supportive and full of tips.!

    I hope everything is going well with your treatment xx

  • Thanks Sandy, it is a tough ride but keeping each other going really helps doesn't it?

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you xx

  • It so does, I've said it before but I'm so glad I found this site, it's helped immensely


  • I was given a card when I first started chemo with a hospital bleep number in case my temperature went up to 38 (it never did)  I was told to contact this number first for advice as if you just go to A & E you can wait hours, which can be life threatening.  Cancer patients get fast tracked through apparently 

  • I've been a card too that they td me to carry around with me, it has emergency numbers and shows what treatment I'm having.!

    I was also told that as I'm on chemo someone from oncology would be straight down to A&E if I am admitted to oversee everything.

    They were very insistent but can understand why xx

  • Let's hope you never have to use it!

  • Well done on getting through the first one as that is alwasy daunting because you dont know what to expect.  My first chemo I woke up during night feeling sick and medstook awhile to kick in.  After that i took my anti-sickness tablets on nights 1 and 2 as a precaution.  Listen to your body and rest, also drink plenty of fluids to flush out your system.

    I had 3 sessions of FEC and 3 x T.  I was to wear black nailvarnish to try and preserve my nails.  Its tough when you start to lose your hair, eyebrows, eyelashes etc.  Be strong and just take each day/week as it comes.... Dont look too far down the road, concentrate on now and your next appt.


  • Have you been given any Domperidone tablets to take when you need  (up to 3 times a day)?  My first chemo I felt really sick in the evening.  After that, I took a domperidone as soon as I got home, and then the other anti-sickness  (the ones you take twice a day for 3 days) in the evening, and I had very little problems afterwards.  You should be seeing your oncologist before your next chemo so discuss it with them.  If it's any consolation, the docetaxel part of FEC-T doesn't cause as much sickness  (I had none at all with that)  Good luck x

  • Hi, I have been given Emend to take prior and after treatment for 2 days, also the domperidone and a course of dexamethasone to take for 3 days after treatment.!

    Between them all I have managed to control it so far, but it's mainly in the evening it hitting me so far (I mean I'm only on day 3 lol)


  • That's the same tablets I had.  Think it's pretty standard.  The nausea does ease off after a few days so hopefully you'll be feeling better soon.  By week 3 of the cycle you should feel great!

  • You will rock a bald head I found wig too warm - keep fighting 

  • I went with the bald look, I missed my eye lashes the most !! Hair is coming back now and I am so pleased there are no grey hairs considering i'm 48 this month :-) Go with what ur body tells u and jst except u need to sleep and rest more xx

  • I hear you. I just had my first FEC treatment 4 days ago. Since my mastectomy I'm cold. Can't imagine losing my hair as well. I had 11 lymph nodes removed as well and the struggles with cording and tightness in my arm pit and arm have been driving me insane. So hard to stay positive. 

  • I felt cold after mastectomy in Jan too i was just starting to feel normal again the chemo started and started to feel cold again after. I've just had my 2nd treatment yesterday and feeling a bit this time round, I've managed my anti sickness meds better this time I think.!

    My hair started to fall out on Thursday, and my head felt very sensitive so have clipped it very short, it feels so much better. It was hard to see though as much I'd tried to prepare myself, I bought a Sorrento Bamboo hat which is really comfy, soft and pretty (I've had quite a few comments on it already).!

    I hope your doing OK after your treatment 😊


  • I also bought a Sorrento bamboo hat, they're a godsend! Super breathable, super absorbent and stylish too. I got the Cerise one, v feminine. But i'm thinking of getting a couple others! Bamboo is awesome


  • There's a lot to be said for the bald look! It was the one thing I was dreading but in the end loved it! I didn't wear my wig once and I felt quite liberated. Plus it does help when you have hot flushes x

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