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Hello all. I hope you are all getting on well with treatments and making good recoveries. I am currently getting a lot of sores in my mouth and throat. I am using  a medicated mouth and throat rinse but it doesn't seem to be easing at all. Anybody got any tips on what to use to get rid of it and ease the pain. Eating and drinking anything at all causes a huge amount of discomfort. Thanks 

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  • I was given gelclair by the chemo nurses when I complained of sores in my mouth, I had a massive one right under the inside of my lip at one point and it eased off when I used this. Its quite pleasant, individual sachets of a gel that you mix with water and then rinse around your mouth. Xx

  • I will ask about that. Thanks 😉 

  • Ask your gp to prescribe diflam spray. Combine that with corsodyl alcohol free mouthwash. Be very careful to keep checking your temperature. It is very easy to pick up an infection through those ulcers. It put me in hospital during my treatment 2 years ago!

  • Thank you. I will check that. I ended up in hospital with sepsis   during my first round of chemo. I don't want to be doing that again. Thank yiu for replying :)

  • It sounds like oral thrush. I'm midway through FEC-T chemo and I've had two cases of systemic thrush....needed fluconizole tablets for seven days to clear it up and Nystatin for me mouth four times a day. Sadly it is normal whilst going through chemo to lose your mucosal lining and this allows fungal spores to grow arms and legs.

    I got really bad diahorrea as a result of bacterial never trust a fart bad!   Build fluconizole and nystatin into the first week of your chemo cycle. Better to be safe than sorry. 

  • Omg.... Kirmy you have made me smile.... Well laugh actually. I have visions of the 'never trust a fart' scenario... 😂. I'm Neutropenic at the moment too and my shiny bald head has developed a dreadful amount of spots at the back of it, and so obvious so they are....feeling really attractive so I am.... Now all I need Is the NTAF scenario 😂😂 Thanks for the reply. I will keep a close eye on the sores x

  • It's good to see that you can keep smiling. I have nothing more to add to everyone else's comments. Hope you improve soon

  • Hey lainey66, I was hospitalised for mouth ulcers too. They gave me water with a spoonful of bicarbonate soda, the relief it gave from just swishing it around in my mouth was amazing. Give it a try. Stay strong 💪 xx

  • Hi Cam9122 I will certainly try that thank you. It's the discomfort of it. Can't eat or drink much ;-( thanks for replying xx 

  • Hi. I agree with everything that's been said but cannot stress enough how important it is to go to a&e to get yourself checked over for sepsis. I had fec-t last year and ended up in hospital after each fec treatment. I put off going the first time as I was told by a locum gp it was thrush,  and my thermometer was rubbish (although I didn't know that at the time), until it was so bad that I was told by the a&e dr if I'd left it another day I would have died as the infection was making its way through my body.  This is in no way meant to scare you, but I felt I needed to warn you NOT to wait too long. Sorry if I have upset you - please believe that is not my intention. I hope you feel much better real soon. Take care and be strong - it feels like you'll never get through the treatment, but I promise you will!!  One more thing in case you didn't know - when going to a&e / gp, say you're having chemo and they HAVE to isolate you while you wait to be seen to protect you, and they must also start treatment for sepsis within an hour of you being seen, whether or not they have all the blood results back. It's amazing what you learn when you end up there one week out of every three!! Xx

  • Thank you I will do. I have the care doc en-route to the house as we speak. I'm Neutropenic at the moment so  A and E is not really an option. I was in with sepsis myself during my first session of chemo, it was caught through the port. The silly receptionist ignored the fact that at the time I was Neutropenic it took my best friend to March past her after over an hour and alert the medical staff. I ended up in there for three weeks. I didn't realise it could be started by mouth ulcers too. I have mycostatin and it is just beginning to ease. Thank you for your reply 

  • Hi, I took mycostatin the whole way through treatment. I stopped taking it after my last chemo but have had thrush and some sores again so restarted. It flares up mostly if I eat to much sugar.

  • you may feel bad at the moment but it will get better. i had really sore mouth too. had fungal infection and it made me feel sickly. ive just had 2nd attempt at creconstruction using back flap and my tongue feels horrid again . im on two weeks antibiotics post op and am full of a cold. but i know i will spring back soon.

  • Ah Elainemaria, I am sorry to hear that. I hope your reconstruction was a huge success and you make a speedy recovery. I'm heading for chemo 3 of my second round on Wednesday. I only have one more of this aggressive one then a five week break Before radiotherapy and also two lots of  CMF chemo. That will mark the end if my treatment and all being well I will officially be 'cancer free'. I feel a well deserved holiday coming on 😂😂

  • Hi all my lovely forum pals, try natural yoghurt such as Yeo Valley in mouth. Good anti fungal and cooling x

  • Sorry to hear about your mouth. The hospital gave me Difflam?? It was suggested to me to take a teaspoon of Manuka Honey everyday, I hate honey so wash it down with water. Only just on FEC round 2 chemo, not mouth issues but it is early days. I got the honey from Holland and Barrett but one get the second for a 1p. Wishing you good luck xxxx 

  • Hi Lainey I've not had to deal with a sore mouth but I believe Difflam spray is very good for this sort of thing also when I had my tonsils out 30 yrs ago I was told to gargle with soluble paracetamol half an hour before a meal and it did help a bit. Certainly you should get yourself checked out by the Doc to exclude infection. I wish you well and hope it eases off soon x

  • Have you tried honey get the proper bee keepers honey it's amazing stuff xxx

  • I haven't Janny, but I will do. Thank you 😊

  • My sister in law is a beekeeper and swears by this honey as it is untreated unlike the shop bought regulated stuff put a spoonful in your mouth a couple of times a day and let it dissolve slowly if you can it's also good on cuts and scrapes.My late husband used to take some every day when he was having chemo and RT ...hope you're soon feeling better ✊xxx

  • When I went through my treatment, I didn't get a sore mouth at all.  I was recommended  a specific tooth paste which I think kept my mouth in good health. I now  work with the range of products that this comes from, and I don't want to look like  a 'sales' person, but I would recommend it! If you are interested, just send me a message and Ill give you more info. Thanks, Liz

  • Hi Liz61 I would love the name of the products if you don't mind, I am not looking forward to next week as it is at the end of the first week that my mouth flares up and after each chemo the symptoms are getting worse. Oh the Joys... lol thanks Lainey

  • Hi Lainey, thanks for your interest. I work with a range of products from which I used a variety of them through my treatment, and I am convinced they helped me get through with less side effects. I can give you lots of recommendations, but don't feel obliged to take me up on that.  All products have a 60 day money back guarantee, so if you don't like them you can get a full refund within that time, even if they are all used up! I'd be happy to chat with you, on 07540 138161 or simply go to and you can have a look at the products for yourself. Feel free to ask any questions, perhaps in a more private form! Can we private message on here? Thanks again, Liz

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