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Hi guys, as you know I've struggled big time in work since I went back just short of 2 years ago. Yesterday I rang MacMillan who pointed me in the direction of Breast Cancer Care who run a programe called 'someone like me', and I'll be paired up, not sure if on or offline, with someone who has been through a similiar experience and who can give me some emotional support. I'll keep you posted, love and hugs to all

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  • Peer support can be amazingly helpful😊 Just knowing you can rely on someone whose experienced the same thing, and knows exactly what you're talking about, relieves a lot of stress 🙂xB

  • I used Breast cancer care when I was diagnosed TNBC last April. Ask to be paired up with someone who has the same type of cancer as you did. I needed to speak to someone who'd been through Triple Neg as treatment can be different. I spoke to a lady called Annie. They ring you and you can just chat about anything that's troubling you. They share their experience with you and just generally talk a lot of common sense. They're supposed to ring you up to 3 times but my lady rang me more as we got quite friendly. Take care. Love Chris x

  • ive been paired up with someone like me and its been helpful. i had two ladies at 1st but dropped it to one. its a telephone call so feels more personal than a text..

  • Can I ask what area, ?

  • Hi Footprints, if you mean which area do I live, I'm in the West Country

  • Il ask about it when I go to next oncology, haven't herd of it before, x

  • The programme is run by Breast Cancer Care if that helps, I only found out about it when I rang MacMillan earlier this week,

  • I used peer support service in 2007 (think it was called something different then) before I started on Taxotere as I was anxious about it after a pretty hellish time on FEC chemo. I found it really helpful and in th event didn't have many problems though lasting legacy is problem with nails!

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