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It's ‪#‎TopTipTuesday‬ from our Haven visitors!

It's ‪#‎TopTipTuesday‬ from our Haven visitors!

This week's tip is from Sylvia....

"Put on a Happy Face! Take five minutes to put on some makeup - even if it's just mascara, blusher and lippy! When you look good you definitely feel better.

There is a charity called Look Good Feel Better which is supported by the major cosmetic houses and they provide experts and cosmetics to groups of breast cancer patients - it's a life affirming happening!"


Feel free to share any ‪#‎TopTips‬ you may have!

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i know what your saying. but at times when ive had no eyebrows eyelashes or hair a bit of lippy would have looked ridiculous. i didnt want to put on a happy face. i drew my curtains and stayed on sofa through my chemo days. post surgeries was in too much pain to even shower!! so babywipes came in very handy.

now i have eyebrows eyelashes and hair that is an ok length and strength i feel good with a little makeup.

i think what makes you feel better is that you have survived cancer. cos i dont smoke and havent drank much alcohol last 2 years i feel good anyhow.


I had been doing that since I was diagnosed and my aura changed. A bright red lippy is the best with tinted moisturiser on. A little eyeliner and wolllah. Doesn't need to be heavy makeup.

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