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Tummy trouble

Hi I had breast cancer 10yrs ago I had grade 3 cancer had a lumpectomy and 7months after treatment fell pregnant for the fourth time also had hip replacement my legs ache all the time and fell tried i had 5months of chemo and 6wks of radiotherapy it was so hard but wouldn't have done it if not for my kids and husband I also have 5 grandchildren am really lucky here is to another 10yrs, last year had hysterectomy and am now suffering with bad belly and goin toilet doctors say it's ibs and have started eating gluten free but feel fed up as still in pain and have to take pain killers does anyone else suffer xx

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Hi Shazcoombs😊

Chronic pain is awful, have you googled ' abdominal pain ibs after hysterectomy'?

There are several links that might be able to offer helpful advice🤔

If it is definitely IBS you're dealing with try to figure out what particular food triggers the symptoms. My daughter thinks hers is CocaCola. 😏xB

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Ah Shaz, I really do feel for you, my situation is almost the reverse of yours. 13 years ago I broke my spine in a horse riding accident. I was told that it was doubtful that I would walk again, I did. I have arthritis in the spine. A year later had right hip replaced and three years ago left hip replaced, then this last October diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer. Have had a double mastectomy. My hands, left hip (ironically the newer one), spine and knees, hurt on a daily basis. Prior to the cancer I used to go to aromatherapy massages. They truly helped. I swim a lot and use relaxing techniques. I like to read and paint, I like to socialise, I have found free online course and take part in them. Basically I keep myself positive. I am thinking of going to yoga and may even try some reiki. It can get you down if you let it. Like you my children, husband, parents and siblings keep me going. We laugh a lot and that is a natural pain relief. I hope things get easier for you. Take care. Lainey


ibs can be managed. ive had it years. i use colpermin you can get it on prescription or buy from chemist.

you need to avoid spicy foods and yes gluten. beer sometimes triggers me. but apart from bloating and occasional upset tummy. im fine. stress makes it worse. light exercise is good.. walking is good for digestion too.

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Yes l find Colpermin capsuals invaluable...also sticking to a gluten free diet and a twenty minute walk everyday. Chemo triggered off my IBS...l probably didnt drink enough fluids x


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