Anaemia following chemo

Has anyone had anaemia following chemotherapy? I finished chemo 3 weeks ago, having had very little side effects. However, I feel really tired and get breathless when walking. I checked on the McMillan site, and it does appear to be symptoms of anaemia. Also, while I was out yesterday I suddenly felt very dizzy, light headed and nauseous, and had to come home. Just wondered how others have been

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  • It might be anaemia, or it could be the after effects of the chemo. I had low energy levels for weeks after mine finished. You could ask for a blood test to check if you're anaemic. If you're not, you just need to rest more. You were lucky not to suffer many side effects, but your body still needs time to recover.

  • It might very well be anaemia but this could be lack of iron in your diet during chemotherapy or it could be a number of other things, either way see your GP or oncologist. I didn't have any of those symptoms and was not anaemic at the end of chemotherapy.

    Hope you feel better soon. Xx

  • chemo affects you for ages.your oncologist will check your blood. i see chemo as a poison so your body is trying to get rid of it. give yourself time. i avoided alcohol . i dont smoke anyway. but try to avoid any bad habits. im diabetic so was refered to dietician as my blood glucose levels shot up due to steroids with chemo. was advised to have nuts and seeds and plenty fruit and veg. good luck.xx

  • Thank you for the replies. Perhaps I was expecting too much too soon after chemo. I will see how it goes and see my GP if necessary

  • I was really breathless too. It stopped after chemo was completed. I had alot of leg pains and my blood tests showed I was low in potassium. An effect of chemo. So I ate more bananas and drank lots of pomegranate juice. The leg pains went away! Xx

  • Thank you for all the replies. I think I may have picked up a bug as my son was poorly a couple of days after I had my dizzy turn. The last few days I have been much better. The McMillan nurse sent me a booklet about fatigue and there is a piece in there which says to try and do some exercise, even if it is only walking from your front door to the back. I have been walking the dog just over a mile probably about 4 times a week, so on bslance I don't think I have anaemia and have only mild fatigue. The breathlessness has improved over the last few days too. Onwards and upwards!

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